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Wait, Jeffrey! I have to touch you!
If you were looking for the article about the voice actor, then see Jeffrey Tambor.

Jeffrey the Jellyfish is a fish in a jellyfish mascot suit. He appears in the episodes "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic," "Tutor Sauce," and "Jolly Lodgers," as well as the online game The Clam Prix.


Jeffrey wears a large mascot suit of a pink jellyfish. Instead of normal stingers, he has legs and knees, as shown when they are bent over while Patrick carries him away in a little wagon. His expression seems to change depending on the situation.

Role in series

"I'm Your Biggest Fanatic"

Patrick chases him because he wants to touch him. At the end of the episode, Patrick has him tied up in a wagon.

"Tutor Sauce"

He appears in the background at the arcade where SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs go to, to teach SpongeBob how to drive.

"Jolly Lodgers"

He is visible in the background.

The Clam Prix

His name is seen in the game.


  • "Tutor Sauce" reveals that when the jellyfish convention is not happening, Jeffrey the Jellyfish works at an arcade.