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Jeffrey "Jeff"[1] Tentacles is Squidward Tentacles' father, Mrs. Tentacles' husband, Grandma Tentacles' son, and Squidward's teenage cousin's uncle.


Mr. Tentacles looks identical to his son as he wears a brown shirt. The only differences between him and Squidward are that his shirt is a lighter shade of brown, His skin is greener than Squidward's and he wears a red tie and glasses.


Not much is known about him, though Mr. Tentacles is shown to have a similar personality to his son as both have an uninterested air to them. He cares for his son as he was willing to spend time with him for the events.


He is mentioned in "Krab Borg" when SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs that Squidward's father never hugged him. Squidward then claims that his father loved him very much.

Mr. Tentacles makes his physical debut appearance in the book Hooray for Dads!, indicating he is alive, contrary to what the past tense used when referring to him in "Krab Borg."

His name is revealed in Sponge Master.


  • He and his wife have one child as mentioned in the episode "Scavenger Pants," since they both felt Squidward was enough.