The Jeep-Mobile is a boatmobile owned by Sandy. It appears in the episode "To Save a Squirrel."


The Jeep-Mobile is a green variant of the S.U.B. It has riveted panels of metal, a green paint job, and an acorn license plate. It has the roll-cage present on the S.U.B. and a large cargo area.

Role in episode

SpongeBob and Patrick find out that Sandy is going camping and they want to go with her to camp. She says it's too dangerous for them, and turns them down. However, SpongeBob and Patrick both hide in the trunk of the Jeep-Mobile, but they accidentally fall out in the middle of the Kelp Forest with some supplies.


  • Instead of a tailgate, the Jeep-Mobile has a door on the back of the truck that allows easier access to the cargo area.
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