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Encyclopedia SpongeBobia
You fools, what have you done? We told you, it really holds the room together.
— Robot #1

The janitor bots are a group of robots straight out of a sacred place in Lameria. They appear in the short "Sandy's Vacation in Ruins."


They are blue-turquoise robots with two arms. They are pod-shaped and have a straight face and two white pointed square-shaped eyes with black pupils.

Role in short

The Lamerians created them as a legion of janitor bots, and that is what they do until the great disaster. However, when they realize that they are the only survivors, they take it upon themselves to maintain the technology and customs of the once great civilization.

The three robots trap SpongeBob and Sandy in a giant magic bubble and fly them over to their lair. The room is apparently the most sacred part of Lameria, which has some ruins after the big disaster happened.

SpongeBob accidentally destroys a sculpture, resulting in the ruins starting to fall apart. The sculpture apparently held the room together, but SpongeBob did not actually think literally. The sculpture was very fragile.

The robots think their life would be destroyed after their home is wrecked, but SpongeBob gets them a job at the Krusty Krab working for free.

They wash the dishes, clean toilets, and much more. Mr. Krabs thinks he has to pay them, but SpongeBob tells him that he does not even have to pay a penny because they were made for cleaning and being janitors.


  • The robots are stated to be at least a few thousand years old.