It looks like it's time for your next lesson, young man!
— Janet to SpongeBob, "I'm with Stupid"

Janet[1] is Patrick's fake mother. She is married to Marty, Patrick's fake father. She appears in the episode "I'm with Stupid."


She has light purple hair and wears a bright teal green dress. She is a slightly brighter pink than other starfish seen in the series.

Role in episode

She and Marty decide to visit Patrick's house for Starfish Day. Patrick tells them he is a genius and SpongeBob is his moronic neighbor, just to impress them and they buy it.

Unfortunately, Patrick starts milking the moment and starts mistreating SpongeBob, who decides to tell the truth, but Janet and Marty still think Patrick is smart (being stupid themselves) and laugh at SpongeBob. The latter screams at the top of his voice and runs out of the house.

When Janet and Marty reveal their true names, Patrick realizes that they are not his parents and decides to interrogate them, but before he can, Squidward arrives with another starfish couple and Patrick realizes that they are his real parents. Marty and Janet remember they do not have a son and leave.


  • "It looks like it's time for your next lesson, young man." —"I'm with Stupid"



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