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The inflatable pants are a variation of normal pants created by Patrick. As the name implies, the pants inflate. They first appear in the episode "Patty Hype" and are later a plot element of "The Sponge Who Could Fly." They also appear in the games Lights, Camera, Pants! and Dancin' Tentacles.


Both versions of the pants look almost exactly the same as Patrick and SpongeBob's regular pants, except they inflate into a bigger size, as the name implies.

Role in series

"Patty Hype"

The pants seem to be activated by a pull-switch that triggers its wearer to have the pants lift them aloft, only to flip upside-down because of the weighted pressure, as demonstrated by Patrick. The first version of the pants had the ability to irreparably burst off the wearer, upon their request.

"The Sponge Who Could Fly"

The pants make a more prominent appearance when SpongeBob places a hair dryer in his pants, causing them to inflate and help him fly in the sky like a jellyfish, increasing his chances of living with them until he is asked by many townspeople to do favors for them. The pants are later shot down and burst by Cannonball Jenkins.

SpongeBob Airpants: The Lost Episode

They play the same role as in the episode.

Who's Hungry?

It is seen in the "Patty Hype" segment of the book, where it has the same role it has in the episode.

Dancin' Tentacles

SpongeBob's pants briefly become inflatable whenever he jumps down.

"Karate Star"

The pants make a cameo appearance.
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