Inferno Island is a prison in the middle of the sea that appears in the episode "The Inmates of Summer," in which SpongeBob and Patrick are accidentally sent there, thinking it is a summer camp. It has a warden who is extremely harsh and strict with the prisoners and his own colleagues. It is stationed upon a rocky formation that appears to frequently go through harsh thunderstorms.

Inferno Island appears to be somewhat close to Sun-N-Fun Island since the boats from each island pick up their people (campers/prisoners) on the same dock and also because the counselor was able to get to the island in a raft.


It is a gray castle looking structure that is on an island with black mountains.



  • Warden
  • Barney (the prison guard)
  • Purple prison guard



  • The first picture of the episode shows just a big space of land in the middle, when later on, it seems like there is plenty of room when everyone is in their cells.
  • Inferno Island is based off Alcatraz Island, an island prison in San Francisco, California.
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