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The Industrial Park is the second boss level and eighth level overall in the console versions of Battle for Bikini Bottom and all versions of Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated. This level requires 40 Golden Spatulas to enter and the player must have defeated Robo-Sandy.

SpongeBob and Sandy enter the Industrial Park and find Robo-Patrick chasing Squidward before it freezes him in a block of ice. Saving Squidward and defeating Robo-Patrick awards the player with a Golden Spatula and access to the Cruise Bubble move for SpongeBob.


The arena is a square-shaped drainage den with conveyor belts, a central platform, and two floating platforms with Texas Trailer Hitches floating above. The whole arena is locked inside a big toxic pool that makes the battle impossible to escape. Squidward will be frozen in an ice block on the right side of the arena; the ice block does not affect the battle and cannot be used to shield the player.

Phase 1

During the first phase, Robo-Patrick will pound his cone into the ground and cause a splash of toxic waste, which can be dodged easily by staying away from it. Robo-Patrick will then lick the cone and spit out toxic waste, which can also be dodged easily. After this, he will perform his spin attack; the player must not get hit by any of the toxic waste shooting out from the robot. In Rehydrated, markers on the ground will indicate where the toxic waste will land; in the original console versions, the player must follow the pattern the toxic waste is flying in. If the player gets hit, they will have to start the sequence over again; otherwise, Robo-Patrick will get dizzy from the spinning and fall to the ground. The player must hit his back directly or with a Bubble Bowl, after which Robo-Patrick will get up and repeat the sequence. The player will advance to the second phase after hitting the robot three times.

Phase 2

After SpongeBob is frozen when trying to save Squidward, Sandy takes over for the battle and the Texas Trailer Hitches can now be used. Robo-Patrick no longer pounds his cone into the ground but otherwise one more sequence plays out like in Phase 1. After the player hits Robo-Patrick once, the robot will rush to the center of the arena and pull a level that unleashes a layer of toxic waste. After falling back down, Robo-Patrick will belch out a blast of toxic waste at the player who must dodge the attack. In Rehydrated, markers on the ground will indicate where the toxic waste will land. With the toxic waste filling up the center of the arena, Sandy must lasso the Texas Trailer Hitches to drop wooden crates that will give her a safe area from which to hit Robo-Patrick after making himself dizzy as usual. After each hit, Robo-Patrick will repeat the sequence of pulling on the lever and causing more toxic waste to spill out; note that the crates will also be destroyed by some of Robo-Patrick's attacks, so Sandy must continuously bring in new crates by lassoing the hitches.

Phase 3

After Robo-Patrick has been hit six times, almost the entire arena will be covered in toxic waste, freeing Squidward and SpongeBob, the latter of whom will re-enter the fight. In addition to all of the other attacks, Robo-Patrick will now use its ice breath, so SpongeBob must jump over it with the right timing to avoid getting frozen. When Robo-Patrick gets dizzy, SpongeBob can use the Bubble Bowl to hit its back. After three more hits, the player wins the fight and Robo-Patrick is destroyed.


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