Industrial Park is a large area for manufacturing that contains green slime from the industrial waste. It first appears in the episode "Prehibernation Week" and also appears in the video games Battle for Bikini Bottom, The Yellow Avenger, Creature from the Krusty Krab, Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition, and the book You Snooze, You Lose. It may be a manufacturing gravel, for a rock crusher was seen in "Prehibernation Week."


Role in series

This is one of the various locations that SpongeBob and Sandy go to to perform extreme stunts in "Prehibernation Week."
027a - Prehibernation Week (295)

Role in video games

Outside of the series, the Industrial Park also appears in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom, in which the player must defeat Robo-Patrick at this location. Said robot uses scoops of the park's green slime for an ice cream cone and spits it at the player as an attack.

The Industrial Park appears in The Yellow Avenger, where the Atomic Flounder hides out at this location.


  • It may be based on the Iron Triangle, a huge automotive district near the Citi Field baseball field in New York, because of the fact that Industrial Park is dedicated to industrial work and is in one huge area, much like the Iron Triangle.
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