This is the page about the background fish and health inspector in "SpongeBob's Place". For other uses, see Health Inspector (disambiguation).
Say, Andy, you gotta try these patties. They're delicious.
— Incidental G12, "SpongeBob's Place"

Incidental G12[1] is a background fish who first appears in the episode "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic".


He is a short fish who wears a blue tie, a light blue shirt, and reddish-brown pants. However he wears blue pants in "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"



He works for the Bikini Bottom Department of Health and appears to be inexperienced at his job, as he does not care if he is not doing it properly.

Role in series

"I'm Your Biggest Fanatic"

He is one of the various people at the Biannual Jellyfish Convention, and is part of the crowd of people surrounding the Jellyspotters.

"Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture"

He's in the crowd watching the movie that SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy and Mermaid Man made.

"What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"

He appears in New Kelp City as one of the people waiting outside of the store Games We Play, and gets scared when CheeseHead BrownPants blows a bubble. After CheeseHead defeats The Bubble Poppin' Boys, he is one of the citizens that celebrates by blowing bubbles and later attends CheeseHead's speech after he becomes mayor.

Bikini Bottom Blaster

He is one of several customers that SpongeBob can deliver food to.

"SpongeBob's Place"

Squidward calls the health department to file a complaint against SpongeBob's Place, prompting him to come the next day.

He and Health Inspector Yellowtail arrive at the restaurant near the end, as it is illegal to sell food inside pineapples. However, he does not care about city health codes and eats a Krabby Patty from SpongeBob's Place, prompting Yellowtail to toss the patty and remind him about the laws. He scornfully walks off, falsely stating that Yellowtail is not the boss of him.

"Jolly Lodgers"

He is one of the many jellyfishing fans who travels to Hotel Halibut for the 36th Annual Jelly-fisher Convention.


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