You fed us undercooked chum?!
— Fancy fish, "Chum Fricassee"

Incidental F17[1] is the owner of Muffsies the Snail. He appears in the episodes "Culture Shock", "Grooming Gary", and "Chum Fricassee"


He is a light teal fish with a tealish-green back fin. He wears a black suit and a purple bow tie. In "Culture Shock," he is seen wearing a blue suit and a black bow tie.

Role in series

"Culture Shock"

When Squidward is dancing at the Krusty Krab, during the Krusty Krab talent show, he is one of many others who starts to throw tomatoes at Squidward. The fancy fish is even willing to pay one dollar for each tomato thrown.

"Grooming Gary"

When he puts sunglasses on Muffsies's eyes, she shakes them off because she does not like them. Then, he puts on a smaller pair. When Gary rants about how snails do not want to be treated like dress-up dolls, Muffsies puts the smaller pair of glasses on him as payback.

"Chum Fricassee"

When Squidward is working for Le Chum Bucket, Squidward's grandmother shows up and tells Squidward that he is not preparing the Fricassee right. She explains that if it is not properly cooked, it can cause stomach problems. He is one of the several customers who gets angry at Squidward.


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