Hi there young people! Nice day today!
— Incidental 85, The Bully
Not to be confused with Old Man Jenkins.

Incidental 85 is an orange elderly fish citizen of Bikini Bottom who makes several cameos in most episodes.


He is an old light orange fish with light brown lips and wears a light blue shirt with a white collar. He seems to be senile but optimistic, as when he was assaulted by the townfish, he didn’t seem to be aware of the situation of when SpongeBob’s fear and seemed to appreciate when the “young people” swarmed around him.


He is often seen with other fish, particularly the elderly fish. His most iconic appearance is in "The Bully," where he is mistaken by Harold Bill Reginald Scott and the townfish as the man who wants to kick SpongeBob's butt. In "Mid-Life Crustacean," he is seen in line for ice cream with the other old Bikini Bottomites.


Incidental 85's model

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