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You haven't aged a day, Ray!
— Incidental 82, "Shuffleboarding"

Incidental 82[1], also known as Incidental PM6, is an elderly woman who first appears in the episode "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy." She is likely classified as a “elderly” type incidental.



She is a yellow-beige fish with a light gray puffy hair. She wears a dark purple dress and usually carries a cane. She also wears glasses.

Incidental PM6

She is an elderly patty monster with puffy gray hair, yellow-beige fins, and pink lips. She also wears glasses underneath her small eyes.

Role in series

Odd closeup of Incidental 82.

Incidental 82 is a somewhat commonly used incidental character in the series. She makes many major appearances as well as minor ones. She makes her biggest role yet in “Patrick-Man!” as a disguise for the Dirty Bubble.

Major roles

Bubble Buddy

Mr. Krabs chews up her food and spits it out for her.

"SpongeGuard on Duty"

She and Incidental 92 ask Larry the Lobster to help them find the snack bar at Goo Lagoon, but Larry politely tells them to leave due to being too old and unseemly, even though they said that they were the ones who raised him in that episode.

Mid-Life Crustacean

She is the senior citizen that was on the front of the ice cream line where she receives an ice cream cone from Incidental 39.


She and Man Ray are at a laundromat having a friendly conversation, where it is mentioned that Man Ray took Mable to the prom when they were in high school, until they are disrupted by SpongeBob and Patrick dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, who want to arrest her and Ray.

"Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful"

She dumps her trash onto Squidward's wagon, since she thinks it is trash day.

"Krusty Dogs"

She disrupts SpongeBob's speech about the side-effects of Krusty Dogs.


Her biggest role yet, she appears as an innocent old lady that Mr. Krabs offers to help cross the street until he spots a dollar fly by. He then abandons Incidental 82 in the middle of the street. She later manages to cross the road somehow and takes the dollar Mr. Krab originally had. She later appears at the Krusty Krab where Patrick tries to unmask various customers to find a disguised supervillain. He eventually manages to unmask Incidental 82 who was revealed to really be the Dirty Bubble disguised as her all along.

"SpongeBob LongPants"

She is seen getting her driving license, prompting SpongeBob to go get one himself since he has long pants.

"Lost and Found"

She picks up her son from the Krusty Krab lost and found at the end of the episode.

Call the Cops

She is one of the elderly fish in the Bikini Bottom Police Department evidence room.

The Nitwitting

She retreats into her house after spotting the Empty Head Society.

Squid's on a Bus

She appears as a passenger on Squidward's bus where Squidward tells her good morning when she enters, she angrily tells him it is already afternoon and attempts to whack him with her umbrella until Squidward confiscates it from her. She also appears as the owner of Snail 13 who is her emotional support animal.

Major roles in The Patrick Star Show

Bummer Jobs

SpongeBob and Patrick offer to paint her house as a job, but when she finds out that they painted her house to look like a female house, she faints.

Major roles in movies

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

She calls SpongeBob a “knucklehead mcspantron” while Mr. Krabs was trying to think of the word “kidager” for SpongeBob.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

She appears as King Poseidon's personal trainer and she denies being his friend.


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