Incidental 8 is a background character who makes several cameo appearances throughout the series, starting with the episode "Ripped Pants."



She is a light pink and light red-colored fish with a candy cane-colored dorsal fin. She wears a light blue/teal outfit consisting of a sleeveless top and a skirt.

Role in series

"Hall Monitor"

She appears as a student of Mrs. Puff's Boating School and claims she has been a hall monitor three times before.

"Valentine's Day"

She is one of the townspeople who received a Valentine's Day present from SpongeBob, in her case, he gave her a box of chocolates.

"Squeaky Boots"

She appears at Pearl's birthday party and laughs along with her other friends when Pearl receives a pearl of cheap boots as a gift, rather than flipper slippers.

"Prehibernation Week"

She is one of the townspeople who Sandy forces to search for SpongeBob. She ultimately succeeds in distracting Sandy long enough so that the townspeople could escape from their searching duties.

"Escape from Beneath Glove World"

She is seen as an actor in the Gloves Song film where she wears gloves to avoid getting sick from Incidental 105.



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