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Oh, I filled out a membership form!
— Incidental 68, "Larry's Gym"

Incidental 68[1], also known as Incidental K5[2], Fish A[3], and Fat Raft Guy is a background character who first appears in "Pickles." His incidental type is currently unknown.


He is a light blue barracuda with an anchovy like face that has faded blue fins and lips and a curved neck. He wears a light yellow shirt and long brown pants. In older episodes, the end of his mouth was more pointy, his dorsal fin was spiky and he didn't wear pants.

Incidental K5

He is a kid fish that is a lot shorter with light blue colored lips and a faded blue dorsal fin with a neon blue outline. He also wears no pants.

Fish A

Fish A has five different models.

  • One is colored light tan with teal fins and wears a red shirt and dark blue pants.
  • One is colored light green with dark green fins and wears pink water wings and red swim trunks, he also has a pink water tube around his waist.
  • One is colored dark teal with green fins and wears a dark brown jacket, dark blue pants, and brown shoes.
  • One is a Rock Bottomite that is colored light yellow with neon green fins. His eyes are colored dark red with yellow pupils and has a yellow lure with a neon green colored rod. He wears a hot pink shirt and red pants.
  • One is colored dirty brown with dark brown fins and wears a white shirt under a dark blue jacket along with dark brown pants.

Fat Raft Guy

He is an overweight model of Fish A that is colored dark teal. He wears a cream colored shirt and beige pants. He floats on a dark orange colored raft.

Role in series

Shirtless Incidental 68

Incidental 68 makes more minor and non-speaking roles then notable ones, there are only a very few episodes where he speaks.

Major roles

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III

He is seen at the Bank laughing whenever Man Ray laughs.

"Picture Day"

Incidental K5 is one of the teenagers who chase SpongeBob with water balloons.

"Karate Star"

He is seen as one of the ice cream men making Patrick's very tall order of ice cream.

"Glove World R.I.P."

His shirt files off while riding a ride revealing his pecs and six pack abs.

"SpongeBob LongPants"

He appears as a child with Incidental 63 as his mother, when SpongeBob just got his long pants and has entered the Krusty Krab. Everyone looks at SpongeBob because of his long pants and he points at him and asks his mother if SpongeBob is his father. She says she wishes he was as she stares at SpongeBob more.

"Larry's Gym"

He is the first one to give Larry the Lobster a membership form for Larry's gym.


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