He burnt my shake.
— Incidental 65, Pickles

Incidental 65[1], also known as Fish B[2] is a short lime green parrotfish and a citizen of Bikini Bottom. He first appears in the episode "Pickles."



Incidental 65 is a lime green fish with orange-red lips. He also wears a light orange or light tan colored T-shirt with a red stripe on it. He also has a light green dorsal fin and light orange stripes.

Role in series


He appears at the Krusty Krab with Incidental 63 and Incidental 30 claiming that Squidward burnt his shake.

"Walking Small"

Incidental 65 finds what he believes is a "toy tractor" on the shore of Goo Lagoon and wants to pick it up, but his mother, Incidental 14, tells him to put it down, much to his disappointment. The tractor is actually Plankton's bulldozer.

"Squid on Strike"

He claims that he is hungry after hearing Squidward's speech giving Sandals the idea to get a Krabby Patty at the Krusty Krab.

"Kenny the Cat"

He asks Kenny the Cat for an autograph.

"Dream Hoppers

He is seen in Larry the Lobster's dream along with Incidental 111 and Jennifer admiring his muscles.


  • He had a feminine voice in "Squid on Strike."
  • He constantly changes between being an adult and a child throughout the series.


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