Incidental 62[1] is a quiet fish, who is one of the show's incidental characters. He first appears in the episode "Pickles." He makes cameo appearances throughout the first two seasons, and his color palette is also used in the third season episode "New Student Starfish."


He is a dark green fish with pale yellow stripes on his sides and back. He wears a dark orange T-shirt and has round white eyes with black pupils on the top of his head.

Role in series


He sees SpongeBob come back to the Krusty Krab, and is one of the three left in the crowd.

"Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost"

He is one of the mourners who arrive in front of Squidward's house. He is at the front of the crowd, holding a bouquet for Squidward.

"Valentine's Day"

He is seen walking with Incidental 48 in front of the Buddy Bounce at the Valentine's Day Carnival.

"Walking Small"

He appears sitting on a beach blanket at Goo Lagoon.

"Neptune's Spatula"

He first appears at the Fry Cook Museum. He is later seen to the right of Incidental 36 in the audience at the Poseidome Colosseum. He eats one of King Neptune's burgers and spits it out.

"Patty Hype"

He first appears cheering when Mr. Krabs buries himself alive. He can later be seen in the crowd, lifting SpongeBob to the Krusty Krab. He is the fourth fish in the crowd.

"New Student Starfish"

Incidental 62 in "New Student Starfish"

Although his color palette is used in this episode, the model doesn't exactly line up with 62's design.


  • He was one of the background characters removed from the incidental model sheet after the third season.


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