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Incidental 61[1] is a background character who appears in the episodes "Pickles" and "Walking Small," as well as in the original "Christmas Who?" storyboard. He also appears in the books Krusty Krab Adventures, Grand Prize Winner!, Clean Sweep!, and Rocket Wreck.


He is a small, red crab with a wavy mouth and round eyes on stalks. Unlike most crabs in the series, the little crab has six legs. In Grand Prize Winner!, the crab is light blue instead of red.

Role in series


The little crab is one of the Krusty Krab customers who watches SpongeBob return to make a Krabby Patty for Bubble Bass. The crab makes a disgusted expression when Bubble Bass shows his chewed food on his tongue. The crab later gets angry at Bubble Bass when he is revealed to have been hiding the pickles under his tongue.

"Walking Small"

The crab is seen sunbathing on a beach towel at Goo Lagoon.

"Christmas Who?"

Christmas Who storyboard-4

The little crab in the storyboard

The little crab was featured in many crowd scenes in the original storyboard. In the final version of the episode, the crab does not appear.

Krusty Krab Adventures

The crab appears in the "Pickles" segment of the book.

Grand Prize Winner!

The crab is one of the Bikini Bottomites in the audience of the Think Tank! game show.

Clean Sweep!

SpongeBob and Patrick give the little crab a flyer that reads "Don't litter."

Rocket Wreck

The little crab is one of the customers who waits in line to ride Sandy's rocket. The crab is seen holding up a dollar.



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