Sorry, chocolate has sugar and sugar turns to bubbling fat. Isn't that right, blubber boy?
— Incidental 60, "Chocolate with Nuts"

Incidental 60[1][2], also known as Incidental PM1, is an unnamed fish who makes many cameo appearances throughout the series, starting with the episode "Pickles."


He is a rectangular shaped faded-blue fish with two light purple stripes on his back and has a light purple spiky dorsal fin. He also has four long teeth on the lower row of his mouth, surrounded by purple lips and two mouth fins. He is usually naked but can be seen wearing clothing in a few episodes which is usually red swim trunks. In his earlier appearances, his eyes were white instead of light yellow, and his feet weren't pointed.

Role in series

Incidental 60 is one of the most common incidental characters in the series, he has made many notable & speaking roles as well as minor and non-speaking roles.

Major roles


He is part of the crowd that watches Bubble Bass eat a Krabby Patty.

"The Chaperone"

He briefly appears during the destruction of the Bikini Bottom High School prom where he randomly pops up right in front of the screen with a panicked face.

"Patty Hype"

He gets a bag of free money from SpongeBob and Patrick. After he takes his bag of money, he claims that he is going back in line to get another bag of free money.

"Chocolate With Nuts"

Incidental 60 is one of the customers who SpongeBob and Patrick encounter while selling chocolate. He is most notable for being welcomed with a rather unsettling, out-of-context expression of love by Patrick. During the episode, he had been talking with them about his abstaining of chocolate after they requested him to purchase their chocolate bars. Instead of purchasing them, he offers them to purchase pictures of his overweight photographs while he had a former chocolate addiction.

"Born Again Krabs"

He finds a penny on the floor at the Krusty Krab and attempts to pick it up until Mr. Krabs grabs his arm and threatens to cut his arm off if he doesn't hand him the penny.

"Squilliam Returns"

He is one of Squilliam Fancyson's friends.


He is seen at the Krusty Krab making fun of SpongeBob's wig.

"Fungus Among Us"

He appears at the Krusty Krab slurping a soda and gets infected with the Ick.

"Slimy Dancing"

He claims that his eye were hurting from watching Squidward's weird dancing.


He is seen eating at the Krusty Krab with Incidental 104 where they decide to instead go to the Chum Coliseum to watch violence for free.

"Choir Boys"

He is seen as a choir boy in the Bikini Bottom Men's Choir.

"The Play's the Thing"

He asks Squidward for a refill for his soda but he pours an entire bucket of soda all over Incidental 60.

"Pull Up a Barrel"

He is part of Mr. Krabs' navy crew from his story.

"Married to Money"

He is seen at Mr. Krabs' and Cashina's wedding at the Krusty Krab.

"Whirly Brains"

He advertises Whirly Brains on SpongeBob's T.V.

"Senior Discount"

He dumps his soda down his pants after Mr. Krabs turns his thermostat to nuclear.

"Boss for a Day"

He slips on the floor twice at the Krusty Krab.

"My Two Krabses"

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"I can turn into a skyscraper!"
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"The Hankering"

He appears at the Krusty Krab with Incidental 22 where they show concern about the mysterious noise coming from Krabs' office.

"Krusty Koncessionaires"

He is seen at the Low Tides concert.


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