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Not to be confused with Incidental 46, Incidental 47, or Incidental 49A.
Aww, does someone need a hug?
— Incidental 49, "Ditchin"

Incidental 49 is a fish who first appears in the episode "Ripped Pants." Her incidental type is currently unknown.



She is a tall light orange popsicle stick shaped female fish with light red lips and wears a lavender dress.

"B"/"BM" Incidental

She wears a dark gray suit over a lavender dress with a dark purple ribbon on the front.

Role in series

A pleasantly happy Incidental 49.

Incidental 49's model sheet from "Krusty Towers" in her nurse uniform

Incidental 49 is a very commonly used incidental character in the series, she has had many notable & speaking roles as well as minor and non-speaking roles. She has been portrayed as a nurse in a few of her appearances in the series as well. She was firstly designed to be one of SpongeBob's female fans during his performance.

Major roles

"Ripped Pants"

She is seen admiring SpongeBob with Incidental 45, Incidental 46, Incidental 47, and Incidental 48 when he sings his song.

"Valentine's Day"

She thanks SpongeBob for the bike he gave her on Valentines Day and tells Patrick that she just met him this morning.

"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II"

She and Incidental 42 appear in a deleted scene as judges of the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy contest where they choose SpongeBob's Krabby Patty statues of the heroes as the winner of the contest. They also rip a piece off of the statues and eat it.

"Squid's Day Off"

She covers Incidental 144's eyes when she sees Squidward was streaking to the Krusty Krab and she says "put some clothes on."

"Bubble Buddy"

She is seen dancing with other beach goers until SpongeBob yells out "shake that bubble butt" to Bubble Buddy. She and the other beach goers assume that he was referring to them, calling them fat. They all blush with embarrassment and walk away shamefully. She is then seen as one of Pearl's friends meeting Grubby Grouper.

"Patty Hype"

She appears with Incidental 14 and Incidental 22 showing how their Pretty Patties match their purses.

"Prehibernation Week"

Incidental 42 whispers "This is a load of barnacles" to her.

"Christmas Who?"

She is seen with Incidental 104 as her child when all the citizens of Bikini Bottom become disappointed about Santa Claus not arriving.

"The Smoking Peanut"

She appears on the Realistic Fish Head's news report crying with her children because of Clamu's crying.

"Jellyfish Hunter"

Fred puts jelly on her Krabby Patty and she then eats it.

"SpongeGuard on Duty"

Larry the Lobster rubs sunscreen onto her back.

"The Bully"

She is one of the students in Mrs. Puff's Boating School that literally puts on a happy face when Mrs. Puff tells them to put on a happy face for Flats the Flounder.

"As Seen on TV"

She is part of the angry mob demanding Krabby Patties from SpongeBob.

"Can You Spare a Dime?"

She offers sample cookies to SpongeBob and Squidward, gives SpongeBob a cookie, but walks away when Squidward starts to ask for one.

"Chocolate with Nuts"

She is seen when SpongeBob and Patrick are selling chocolate bars. As they go to knock on her door, she answers. As SpongeBob opens his candy bar bags, he struggles since every time he opens a bag a new one appears. Eventually, she gets tired of waiting and goes back inside.

"Missing Identity"

She is seen working at Snail-Po Headquarters where she questions Incidental 41 what is bothering him.

"SquidBob TentaclePants"

She appears as a nurse delivering Incidental 63's baby.

"Krusty Towers"

She appears as a nurse and gives Mr. Krabs a hospital bill for $15,000.

"All That Glitters"

She appears with Incidental 151 as a baby when SpongeBob showed them his broken spatula.

"The Thing"

Incidental 102 asks her what Smelly was at the zoo, and she tells her that she doesn’t know but he is hideous.

"Driven to Tears"

She is one of the woman who adore Patrick when he wins the new boatmobile.

"Best Frenemies"

She is seen at Kelpshake being disturbed by Mr. Krabs' fake sneezing.

"Fungus Among Us"

Squidward delivers her and Incidental 42's food covered in ick.

"Boat Smarts"

She appears in her boatmobile grumbling at SpongeBob for going the wrong way, she then crashes into a pole and calls SpongeBob a jerk.

"Breath of Fresh Squidward"

She was seen eating at Krusty Krab with Incidental 6 and Incidental 153 where a kind hearted Squidward creeps them out.

"Slimy Dancing"

She comes into her son's room horrified and thought he was coming down with a seizure, but then later turned out that he was only doing "the cramp," and then does the cramp at the end with her son, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs.

"The Krusty Sponge"

She was one of the customers who were poisoned by the Spongy Patties and also appears in the jury of poisoned fish that find Mr. Krabs guilty.

"Goo Goo Gas"

She appears at the beginning of the episode feeding her baby, which gives Plankton the idea to turn everyone into babies.

"The Two Faces of Squidward"

She appears as a nurse and greets SpongeBob at the reception desk, where she tells that he is early today. Later, she visits Squidward in his room to give him his medicine only to admire how handsome he is before melting. She then appears in Squidward’s bathroom and says "Handsome."

"Banned in Bikini Bottom"

She becomes shocked with Incidental 42 and Incidental 64 when they see police cars arriving at the Secret Krusty Krab.


She is seen complaining about the price of a chumstick after Plankton offers one for ten dollars. She is also seen gagging and coughing up chum, which leads her to call it foul.

"Slide Whistle Stooges"

She appears as a nurse at the hospital helping Fred to recover.

"A Life in a Day"

She and Incidental 151 watch SpongeBob ride the kiddie ride.

"Sun Bleached"

She is seen on a hot dog roller near the beginning of the episode. She later appears in downtown Bikini Bottom with her baby and she runs over SpongeBob with a baby carriage when she worries that SpongeBob is a monster, and thinking that he was going to hurt her baby.

"Giant Squidward"

After Giant Squidward angrily tells the citizens of Bikini Bottom that he is a nice giant, Incidental 49 tells him to prove it.

"No Nose Knows"

She is seen sitting on a bench with Incidental 42 when SpongeBob tells Patrick that lots of fish don't have noses. She later appears as a nurse at Noses 'n Things pushing Patrick on a gurney.


She is an ice cream vendor where she congratulates SpongeBob for being her 100th customer, and says he can come back and have all the free ice cream he wants. She is also in the hug fest with Incidental 40 where she cries on his shoulders after believing SpongeBob made a threat to her after she tries to hug him.

"Truth or Square"

SpongeBob steps on her head so he can get through the long line at the Krusty Krab.

"Chum Caverns"

Mr. Krabs kicks her and Incidental 158 out at the beginning of the episode for not following the mandatory side of fries policy.

"The Clash of Triton"

When she hears King Neptune say the destruction of Bikini Bottom was because of SpongeBob, she angrily claims it which starts an angry mob going after SpongeBob and Patrick.

"Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy"

She is seen pushing her children away from Sandy after seeing that she is naked.

"Greasy Buffoons"

She is seen eating greased up Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab with Incidental 107.

"Squidward in Clarinetland"

She is one of the fish that was trying to collect Incidental 14's loose change until she and the other fish trying to collect the change gets scared away by Mr. Krabs.

"Summer Job"

She and Incidental 105 run away from their table when Mrs. Puff nearly runs into it by rolling on a barrel.

"Gary in Love"

She is seen sleeping on a bench at the Snail Park with SpongeBob and the Male judge.

"Karate Star"

Patrick nearly uses his karate chop action on her baby until SpongeBob stops him.

"Buried in Time"

She donates a lamp to the Krusty Krab's time capsule, and is teased by Squidward. She then assumes that Squidward is a mind reader since he apparently acted out exactly what she did when she decided to bring her lamp to the time capsule. She then tells Squidward to tell her what she is thinking about right now.

"Shellback Shenanigans"

She appears as a nurse at the hospital where SpongeBob takes Plankton who is dressed as Gary the Snail. She feeds Plankton an abnormally large pill only for him to spit it out back at her. She later takes Plankton on a wheelchair to SpongeBob and informs him that the doctor said there is nothing they can do for his sick "snail" and they should just let "nature take its course."

"Tunnel of Glove"

She is seen riding a roller coaster at the beginning of the episode.

"Krusty Dogs"

She appears as the mother of Incidental 151 where he tells her about Squidward in a Krusty Dog suit, she tells him that it is a good example of why he should stay in school and Incidental 151 then kicks Squidward down. They later appear near the end of the episode where Incidental 151 tells her about Squidward in a Krabby Patty costume. She then tells him it is never too late to get into a good college and then kicks Squidward down herself.

"The Hot Shot"

She gets Incidental 64's shirt blown onto her from the speed of the drag race.

"Oral Report"

She appears on a bench with Incidental 103 while he cheers from watching SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff zoom down the road.

"The Googly Artiste"

Incidental 40 tells her and Incidental 73 that Patrick is so eccentric.

"A SquarePants Family Vacation"

The SquarePants family's boatmobile rides down the mall escalator behind her.

"Walking the Plankton"

She appears with Incidental 151 where they run over to SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs after they smell Mr. Krabs' Krabby Patty.

"Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation"

She attends the tour at the Bikini Bottom Mint that SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs were attending.

"Ghoul Fools"

She runs out of the Krusty Krab after Ted calls SpongeBob and Patrick insane.

"The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom"

Squidward is seen taking her's and her family's order at the end of the episode.

"Restraining SpongeBob"

A crazed Squidward slams himself onto her's and Fred's table and whacks the two of them away.


She appears as a disguise for Policeman 2.

"Free Samples"

She gets food poisoning from trying a Krabby Patty made out of chum by Plankton.

"Face Freeze!"

She and Monroe appear in Mr. Krabs' story where Fred sticks his tongue out at the two of them which causes Incidental 49 to scold him and for Monroe to cry.

"Hello Bikini Bottom!"

She is seen clapping during Colonel Carper's song with Incidental 46 and Incidental 107 and is later seen at the supermarket with Incidental 104 appearing as an employee that is serving her.

"Little Yellow Book"

She appears as the mother of Incidental 103 where she forbids him to go near Squidward for reading SpongeBob’s diary.

"It Came from Goo Lagoon"

She is part of the jet ski pyramid that collapses when Patrick runs into it with a goo bubble. She also appears on television approving of the goo bubble.

"Safe Deposit Krabs"

She is seen as a bank teller at the Bank of Bikini Bottom Bank where she gives Incidental 27 a stack of money.

"The Executive Treatment"

Her "B"/"BM" variant is one of the executives in conference room 4B with Patrick.

"The Sewers of Bikini Bottom"

She is briefly seen flushing a toilet at the Krusty Krab Stadium.

"Squid's on a Bus"

She is a passenger on Squidward's bus and later seen at the Krusty Krab.

Major roles in The Patrick Star Show

"Who's a Big Boy?"

She is one of the citizens that Patrick grabs when an army of tanks approach him.

"Terror at 20,000 Leagues"

She appears as one of the werewolf groomers.

"Patrick's Alley"

She thanks Patrick and Squidina for babysitting her baby and pays them near the end of the episode.

"Pearl Wants to Be a Star"

She is part of the audience that watches Patrick and Pearl perform on Patrick's show throughout the entire episode.

Major roles in shorts

"Plankton's Color Nullifier"

She eats with Incidental 42 at the Krusty Krab where they both get blasted by Plankton's color nullifier.


  • She has an alternate model, Incidental 49A.
  • She was mistakenly placed after Incidental 49A on the original incidental model sheet while she should have been placed before her due to Incidental 49A being and alternate model of her.