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Incidental 48


Incidental 48[1], also known as Incidental 48KID[2] and Fish C[3], is a fish who first appears in "Ripped Pants." Her incidental type is currently unknown.



She is an aqua-blue fish with light teal lips and a light aqua-green dorsal fin and legs. She wears a purple dress and black shoes. In her older appearances, her eyes were closer, she had no shoes, and lacked arm detailing.

Incidental 48KID

She is short light aquamarine kid fish with darker aquamarine lips. She wears a light purple dress and wears no shoes. In her older appearances, she was colored aqua-blue and wore a purple dress like her normal variant.

Fish C

Fish C has four different models.

  • One of them is colored pale green with red lips. She wears a light pink dress and red shoes and also has light blue eyelids.
  • One of them is colored light pink with red lips. She has puffy dark brown hair and wears a dark purple coat along with red leggings and dark purple shoes.
  • One of them is pale yellow with red lips and dark orange fins. She wears a red bra and skirt and a light pink sunhat.
  • One of them is a Rock Bottomite that is colored violet with teal fins and eyelids. Her eyes are colored light pink with yellow pupils and she also has a large third red colored eye on an eyestalk that is on top of her head, similar to Incidental 222's. She has a long pink tongue and wears a dark blue dress and red shoes.

Role in series

Cave Dwelling Sponge 121.png
Incidental 48 with a burnt tongue.
Incidental 48 is a very commonly used incidental character in the series, she has had many notable & speaking roles as well as minor and non-speaking roles.

Major roles

"Ripped Pants"

She is one of the woman fish along with Incidental 45, Incidental 46, Incidental 47, and Incidental 49 to watch and admire SpongeBob's performance.

"Idiot Box"

She appears as an actor giving a box as a gift to Incidental 41.

Mid-Life Crustacean

She appears at the Krusty Krab with Incidental 103 as her son where she tells him that his Krabby Patty is all old and dried out and has him put it in the garbage.

"Squilliam Returns"

She appears as one of Squilliam Fancyson's friends where SpongeBob slams her face into her food when he starts going crazy.

"Rock-a-Bye Bivalve"

She appears with Incidental 41, wondering how SpongeBob and Patrick give birth to scallop.


She impatiently tells SpongeBob to remove his wig at the movie theater.

"Rule of Dumb"

She at first believes that King Patrick was compenscating her baby but when she gives her baby to Patrick, he takes its pacifier out and starts sucking on it. He then returns the baby to her.

The Gift of Gum

She is one of the fish who was trapped in Gummy but freed by SpongeBob.

"Friend or Foe"

She is one of the children to taste Mr. Krabs Krabby Patties where she claims its the best thing her still developing taste buds have ever tasted.

"The Two Faces of Squidward"

She faints after seeing Handsome Squidward.

"The Krabby Kronicle"

After she puts a quarter in the newspaper dispenser, Mr. Krabs opens it for her but then swipes a newspaper out of the dispenser.

"The Clash of Triton"

She appears as an actor in a movie with Incidental 107 that King Neptune was watching.

"Chum Caverns"

She appears with Incidental 153, and tells her that the line for the elevator is very long.

"The Play's the Thing"

She is seen eating with Incidental 108 at the Krusty Krab where they get disturbed by Squidward.

"Krusty Dogs"

SpongeBob tells her that she will develop a unsightly skin condition from eating a Krusty Dog.

"The Other Patty"

She is seen walking out the Krusty Krab with Sandals where she tells him that he shouldn’t have swallowed his Krabby Patty whole because he will blow up like a balloon. Sandals then literally blows up when he comes beyond 10 feet from the Krusty Krab due to Mr. Krabs setting Krabby Patties to self-destruct 10 feet from the Krusty Krab. She then says he never listens to her after he explodes.

"Spot Returns"

She, Incidental 41, and Incidental 106 go “aww” whenever Plankton shows affection for Spot.

"Pull Up a Barrel"

She is part of the Pirate queen's crew.

"Mimic Madness"

She appears as one of the kids of Incidental 6 at the Krusty Krab where they are seen wildly playing while Incidental 6 tries to tell them to eat their patties. SpongeBob then mimics Incidental 6 which causes the kids to laugh. Incidental 6 laughs as well but he then angrily demands his kids to eat their patties, which they do so in fear.

Pull Up a Barrel

She is seen playing tennis against Incidental 47 until SpongeBob's plane takes her and most of the court up into the air. SpongeBob then beats her at tennis and destroys her racket.

"Cave Dwelling Sponge"

She eats a Krabby Patty made by Spongy Spongy where she gets her tongue burned.

"The Nitwitting"

A brainless SpongeBob approaches her trying to ask her for directions but he ends up getting hit by her purse due to her thinking that he is a weirdo.

Krusty Koncessionaires

A starving Incidental 48 is seen chewing on Incidental 81's beard.

Under the Small Top

She appears in the background of Squidward's workout video.

Major roles in The Patrick Star Show

"The Yard Sale"

She appears as part of the audience during Ancient Rome times in a few scenes and later appears as an elder along with the other audience members that were surrounding her. She then later appears with Incidental 160 where she purchases GrandPat Star to be Incidental 160's new grandfather, replacing Incidental 81.


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