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Off to meet the queen, Sir Nerdlaroy?
— Incidental 4, "Wigstruck"

Incidental 4,[8] also known as Incidental FG10, is a fish who makes his first appearance in the episode "Ripped Pants" while his production order debut was in "Squeaky Boots." He is classified as an "inbetween" type incidental.



Incidental 4 is a light brown fish with brown fins. He has peach lips and black eyes. He also wears a light purple polo shirt and has thin black feet. In his older appearances, he had 3 lines on his tailfin, rather than the revised design's 4.

"B"/"BM" Incidental

He wears a dark grey suit and pants over a lavender dress shirt with a violet necktie along with pointed black shoes.

Incidental FG10

He wears a light gray suit over a white dress shirt with a lavender bowtie. He also wears darker gray pants.

Role in series


Incidental 4 has made many appearances in the series as a silent background character usually in the crowd with other incidentals. He has a decent amount of speaking and notable roles in the series. He was firstly designed to be a Krusty Krab customer.

Major roles

"Squeaky Boots"

He communicates with SpongeBob's boots telling them he'd like to order the Krusty Special.

"Culture Shock"

He walks into the Krusty Krab making Mr. Krabs assume that he is here to eat. SpongeBob then asks Incidental 4 if he can take his order, Incidental 4 tells him that he only wanted to make change for a dollar so he can use the pay phone. SpongeBob does this and Incidental 4 gives him a penny for a tip which quickly get compensated by Mr. Krabs.


When Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to swipe the Krabby Patty that Plankton stole from his pocket, Incidental 2 swipes a piggy bank from Incidental 4's pocket and runs away.

"Bubble Buddy"

After SpongeBob takes Bubble Buddy out of the portable toilet, Incidental 4 angrily claims that he kept everyone waiting all this time for a bubble.

"Imitation Krabs"

He appears as a label on the penny that Plankton tosses out to get rid of Mr. Krabs for a while. Later when both Mr. Krabs and Robot Krabs are seen in the kitchen at the same time, he gasps along with everyone else.

"Christmas Who?"

He and Incidental 6 are seen roasting chestnuts during The Very First Christmas where they then eat them and set their tongues on fire.

"Prehibernation Week"

He is seen when Incidental 24 attempts to pass him off as SpongeBob by shaping Incidental 4 into a square.

"Squirrel Jokes"

SpongeBob notices his fork while he tries to come up with a joke.

"I'm Your Biggest Fanatic"

He appears as one of Kevin C. Cucumber's biggest fans in the ditch.

"Jellyfish Hunter"

He and Incidental 37A look at each other during Fred's song.

"Squid on Strike"

During Squidward's protest speech, Incidental 2 asks Incidental 4 what Squidward is talking about, but Incidental 4 says that he doesn't know but points out that he has a megaphone.

"One Krabs Trash"

Incidental 4 confronts Mr. Krabs about a rare soda drinking hat. However, he is told by Mr. Krabs that he just sold it. He later goes after SpongeBob's new clapping hat with the other collectors at the end of the episode.

"Chocolate with Nuts"

He appears on the main cover of the Fancy Living Digest magazine.

"I Had an Accident"

He appears as a label on Penny.

"SpongeBob Meets the Strangler"

He appears as an employee at the dry cleaner where he returns SpongeBob's newly washed pants. However SpongeBob tells him that he doesn't know if they are his pants.

"Pranks a Lot"

He appears during the montage of frightened citizens yelling "Ghost" while SpongeBob and Patrick pose as ghosts.


He appears at the Krusty Krab with Incidental 14 mocking SpongeBob's wig, asking him if he is off to meet the queen.

"That's No Lady"

The salesman gives him a flyer to Sunny Shore Resorts, although Incidental 4 looked unamused by it.

"The Two Faces of Squidward"

He appears as a chauffer allowing Handsome Squidward and SpongeBob into a limo.


SpongeBob hides under his seat after seeing Plankton's wrecking ball.

"No Hat for Pat"

He realizes that Patrick's flopping has become stale when Incidental 107 points out that it has gotten old.

"Mermaid Man Begins"

He is part of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's story where he appears as the owner of the First Nautical Bank and the Robber steals a bag of money from him. Barnacle Boy stops the robber by using his barnacle spit on him but Incidental 4 gives all of his thanks to Mermaid Man, despite the fact that he didn’t really do anything.

"Pull Up a Barrel"

He appears as a member of Captain Scarfish's crew during Mr. Krabs' story.

"The Clam Whisperer"

He goes on a blind date with Incidental CM20. However a clam spits a pearl at him which sends him flying away causing Incidental CM20 to mistake the clam as him.

"Cuddle E. Hugs"

He is the first one to be devoured by Cuddle E. Hugs.

"The Ghost of Plankton"

He appears at Plankton's funeral where he shushes Incidental FG2 for rudely laughing when Karen asks if anyone has anything nice to say to Plankton. He later steps on Plankton along with everyone else when the Flying Dutchman enters his body, making him believe he faked his death as a joke.

"Krusty Koncessionaires"

He is seen driving a plane with a banner over the concert at the very beginning of the episode.

"Upturn Girls"

He is seen entering Upturn's where Narlene plays with the automatic sliding door and constantly closes the doors onto him, injuring him. Narlene then pulls the door off which allows a badly injured Incidental 4 to enter the store.

Major roles in The Patrick Star Show

"The Yard Sale"

He tries to buy GrandPat Star's treasure chest but GrandPat refuses to let him buy it and gives him a lollipop instead.

"X Marks the Pot"

Man Ray drives through his and Incidental 48's house in a police car where he leaves Incidental 82 there, replacing Incidental 159.


  • He is heard with a feminine voice in "Pranks a Lot."


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