Shoot me a zinger.
— Incidental 36, in the episode "ChefBob"

Incidental 36 is a background character who makes many cameo appearances throughout the series, starting with the episode "Ripped Pants."



He is a red-orange fish with light orange fins and light orange eyelids. He is sometimes drawn with nostrils. He either wears light blue swim trunks that have green flowers on them, a teal speedo, or a light blue board shorts with green flowers, and visible string. As a child he is much shorter and wears a dark blue cap.

Role in series

Like most background characters, Incidental 36 is commonly used in crowd scenes, also having speaking roles sometimes.

Major roles

"Ripped Pants"

He is shown roasting and eating marshmallows in Goo Lagoon when SpongeBob asks him if he could borrow some, to which he nods yes.


In a cameo, he complains that Squidward served him a fried boot sandwich.

"Jellyfish Hunter"

Fred puts jellyfish jelly on his Krabby Patty during the song "Hey All You People" to inform everyone about the delicacy of the Jelly Patty.

"New Digs"

He wipes his mouth with SpongeBob's underwear.

"To Love a Patty"

He is shown sitting at the Krusty Krab with Incidental 63 at night. The latter complains about him releasing an awful smell, which he denies. It is then revealed that the foul odor was caused by the rotten nature of SpongeBob's Patty.

"Karate Star"

He is shown eating spinach in chocolate spaghetti in calamari sauce, then Patrick comes in and does a karate chop on his food, causing it to splat all over his face.

"SpongeBob You're Fired"

He is the first volunteer to try Sandy's food, before SpongeBob and Patrick. After eating it, his head swells up like balloon.

In this episode, he wears a green cap and a teal shirt instead.


He starts to lose his patience while waiting for Squidward to take his order, who is talking on the phone. While Squidward gives him his order, as he is sick, he accidentally sneezes all over it, and that makes Incidental 36 gross out and leave.

"Tutor Sauce"

He makes a cameo appearance with Squidward, whacking him with a spatula for seemingly no reason.

"Trident Trouble"

He wishes the grass would grow, and when SpongeBob uses King Neptune's trident to make it grow, the grass chases after Incidental 36 with his lawnmower. He is later seen mowing the grass again near the end of the episode.

"Escape from Beneath Glove World"

He is seen as an actor in the "Gloves Song" film where he wears gloves to protect his knuckles from getting bitten by the mice inside the cheese he sticks his hand into.

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