Incidental 34 is the name given to a group of eleven background characters who often appear in wide shots of Bikini Bottom. They have simplistic designs without much detail, allowing for them to be drawn at small sizes. They first appear in "Ripped Pants."


The fish have simple designs with thin limbs similar to the legs of stick figures. They usually do not have pupils or eyebrows. There are eleven designs for the far-distance fish:

  • Fish A: light orange with blue shorts
  • Fish B: light teal with lavender shorts
  • Fish C: beige with a yellow dorsal fin
  • Fish D: light blue with an orange dorsal fin
  • Fish E: lavender with a dark purple skirt
  • Fish F: yellow with red shorts
  • Fish G: gray with a white dorsal fin
  • Fish H: light orange with blue shorts
  • Fish I: blue with green shorts
  • Fish J: light green with orange pants
  • Fish K: dark orange with purple shorts

Depending on the episode or scene, duplicates of the same far-distance fish can appear.

Role in series

It Came from Goo Lagoon 136

Six far-distance fish running from the goo bubble

Burst Your Bubble 180

Many far-distance fish surrounding Mrs. Puff

The far-distance fish make their first appearance in the opening shot of Goo Lagoon in "Ripped Pants." They most commonly appear at Goo Lagoon or in downtown Bikini Bottom. They are occasionally seen on amusement rides, such as in "Rock Bottom" and "Squid Plus One."

"It Came from Goo Lagoon" includes many wide, aerial shots that show groups of the far-distance fish. They appear running from the Giant Super Goo bubble at Goo Lagoon, in town, and at the Krusty Krab.

Many of the far-distance fish are seen driving bubble boats in "Burst Your Bubble." When a crowd of bubble boats brings Mrs. Puff to the water's surface, duplicates of all eleven far-distance fish can be seen.


  • They all have the same model number: "034."[1]
  • In "Valentine's Day," far-distance fish A and B are seen behind the fortune teller tent. They appear much larger than usual and are drawn with pupils, unlike in most appearances.
  • Although fish C usually has an angry expression, he smiles and cheers for SpongeBob in the virtual reality sequence of "Girls' Night Out."
  • Fish C resembles Fred, fish D resembles Incidental 16, fish F resembles Incidental 62, fish J resembles Incidental 64, and fish K resembles Incidental 15.


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