Incidental 33[2] is a background fish who appears in the episodes "Sandy's Rocket," "Suds," "The Paper," "Neptune's Spatula," "Your Shoe's Untied," "Wormy," and "Patty Hype," as well as in the original "Christmas Who?" storyboard. She also appears in the books Blast Off, Splash Down!, Sandy's Rocket, Who's Hungry?, and Gone Nutty!.


She is usually colored bright purple with pink fins. She has a tall dorsal fin with an indentation on it. She wears a purple dress and red lipstick. In "Sandy's Rocket," she is colored light green.

Role in series

"Sandy's Rocket"

She is walking with her umbrella when SpongeBob and Patrick capture her as one of the Bikini Bottom aliens.


She is seen running out of the Krusty Krab.

"The Paper"

She appears among the crowd of fish laughing at SpongeBob's joke.

"Neptune's Spatula"

She is seen in the crowd at the Poseidome Colosseum.

"Your Shoe's Untied"

She is one of the customers who stands at the register. Later, she is seen shielding her son's eyes from Mr. Krabs when he comes out of the bathroom with his pants down.


She is in the crowd when SpongeBob gets on top of a treasure chest to warn everyone about the monster.

"Patty Hype"

She is one of the customers who crowd around Mr. Krabs after he takes over the Pretty Patty stand. She is to the left of Medley (green fish). A duplicate of the purple dress fish with Martha D. Smith's color scheme can also be seen.


  • She was one of the background characters removed from the incidental model sheet after the third season.


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