Hey, I just got my license!
— Incidental 27, "Boating School"

Incidental 27[1] is a background character who makes many cameo appearances throughout the series, starting in the episode "Ripped Pants." He is classified as a "hotdog" type incidental.



He is olive green and so are his fins and lips but his fins and lips are slightly brighter. He has a golden-yellow dorsal fin and wears a light purple shirt and blue shorts. His eyes were yellow in earlier seasons, but in later seasons, his eyes are beige. In his older apperences, he had green shoes, bags under his eyes, a rectangular detail on his shorts, and had a wavy dorsal fin with with a tail fin. His clothes resemble those of Incidental 6, but lighter.

Role in series

"Boating School"

He tells SpongeBob that he just got his driver's license.

"Valentine's Day"

He tries to ask SpongeBob and Patrick what time is it, but Patrick just throws him out.

"Bossy Boots"

He makes fun of SpongeBob for wearing a Kuddly Krab mascot.

"Born Again Krabs"

He screams upon smelling the moldy Krabby Patty and backflips out of the Krusty Krab.

"Squid Wood"

He appears at the Krusty Krab.

"New Digs"

He asks SpongeBob about Gary and then tells him to put on a leash.

"Good Ol' Whatshisname"

He was about to introduce himself to Squidward when entering the Krusty Krab until SpongeBob appears from underneath his fedora and yells out his name.


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