There's nothing more dangerous than an emotionally disturbed oyster.
— Incidental 26, The Smoking Peanut

Incidental 26 is a citizen of Bikini Bottom who usually works alongside his partner, Joe.



Incidental 26's model

He has the exact same appearance as his partner, Joe. He is a dark green cod with a darker green dorsal fin and his eyes are dark green with black pupils. He wears a white polo shirt and a red cap.

Role in series

In most of his appearances, he is usually seen working with his partner Joe and appears mostly in episodes that Joe appears in. He and Joe debut in "Boating School" where they are seen putting an inflated Mrs. Puff into their ambulance after SpongeBob failed his driving test once again. 

In "The Smoking Peanut," he explains to SpongeBob and Patrick that Clamu is very dangerous when she is upset.

In "Funny Pants," he is seen having a friendly conversation with Joe at the Krusty Krab. The two then laugh when SpongeBob tells them "another day another nickel."


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