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Not to be confused with Incidental CM24.
My patty doesn't have enough slime!
— Incidental 20, "Gary's Got Legs"

Incidental 20, also known as Incidental EHS7, is a fish who first appears in "Ripped Pants." He is classified as a "weirdo" type incidental.


He is a light gray fish with dark purple arms and a long dark purple dorsal fin and has several purple spots. He wears a red speedo, and has thin black feet.

Incidental EHS7

He wears the Empty Head Society fez with a propeller on top.

Role in series

Creepy closeup

Incidental 20 has made a fair amount of notable and speaking roles. He has been portrayed as more of a weirdo or a idiot in a few episodes. He usually appears in the background with other incidentals.

Major roles

"Bubble Buddy"

He is part of the angry mob that sets off to pop Bubble Buddy. He is also seen standing next to Larry the Lobster, on the verge of crying as he is reminded of his childhood friend, Funny Muffler.

Squilliam Returns

He is part of Squilliam Fancyson's group of friends.

"Suction Cup Symphony"

He is seen as a trumpet player in Squidward's orchestra with Incidental 16 and the Male judge.


He is the only customer at the Krusty Krab, enjoying the Krabby Patties full of Squidward's snot.

"Bulletin Board"

When Mr. Krabs assumes that his customer are hungry, Incidental 20 says that he bought a bagged lunch with him and everyone else reveals their bagged lunches too.

"Lost and Found"

He is seen at the Krusty Krab smiling creepily at Squidward while waiting for his patty, he then happily hops away with his patty in his hands after receiving it.

"The Nitwitting"

He is seen as a member of the Empty Head Society.

"Gary's Got Legs"

He claims that his patty doesn't have enough snail slime.