Incidental 171 is a fish character who appears in the episodes "The Grill is Gone," "Handemonium," and "The Goofy Newbie."


He is a lavender fish with purple dimples and lips. He wears a blue beanie with a red propeller on it and blue pants with yellow buttons.

Role in series

"The Grill is Gone"

He is part of the gang of kids who stole Mr. Krabs' grill. When Mr. Krabs is interrogating the kids, the beanie kid, after getting the wink from the hat kid, climbs up a ladder, holds up a carrot, and makes a seahorse spin around, which causes events making a hammer remove a nail and force a plank to hit Mr. Krabs' rear end, and then two logs to hit Mr. Krabs.

Later, when the gang of kids and Mr. Krabs are racing each other down Murder Hill, the beanie kid comes out of the grill and takes a pair of pliers to clip the front wheels of SpongeBob's cart. Later on, when the gang of kids are defeated by Mr. Krabs when SpongeBob turns on the heater of the grill they were using as a cart, they fall off the grill and get hurt, besides the beanie kid, who comes out of a pie.

"The Goofy Newbie"

He is one of the children dining at Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat, where he is being entertained by Goofy Goober.


  • He wears blue pants with yellow buttons, which is a reference to Mickey Mouse.
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