Incidental 157[1], also known as Fish F[2] is the name of a group of four anchovies who appear as background characters in the series. They first appear in the episode "F.U.N."


They are four anchovies dressed for work. They all wear long-sleeved shirts, neckties, striped pants, and black shoes. On their model sheet, there are four anchovies, from left to right:

  • Green with a blue tie, blue shirt, and blue pants
  • Tan-brown with a teal tie, yellow shirt, and green pants
  • Orange with a red tie, white shirt, and blue pants
  • Tan-brown with a lavender tie, off-white shirt, and gray pants

Their appearance and number of members changes depending on the episode. Sometimes, they also wear hats or fedoras. In several episodes, the anchovies' skin is changed to blue and brown but they retain their clothes' usual colors.

Role in series


Several of them are seen crossing the street as SpongeBob chases after Plankton stealing a Krabby Patty.


Two of them appear at Reef Cinema watching a movie.

"Lame and Fortune"

Three of them are seen at the Krusty Krab eating together, with another one waiting in line, but they later head to the Chum Bucket when one of Plankton's fake fortune cookies reads that they would live forever if they eat there.

"Ink Lemonade"

The second anchovy with the teal tie appears in the line at the end.


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