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This is the page about an incidental that was named Frank. For other uses, see Frank (disambiguation).
Holy fish paste! It's a guy!
— Incidental 155, Ripped Pants

Incidental 155[1] is a fish who debuts in “Ripped Pants.” His incidental type is currently unknown.


He is a dark teal fish with faded blue lips and light orange fins and limbs. He wears a white tank top/sleeveless shirt and red shorts. He also has a visible chin.


Role in series

Incidental 155 making his famous unamused face in “Ripped Pants.”

Incidental 155 is a somewhat commonly used incidental character in the series. He was firstly designed to be a lifeguard at Goo Lagoon in “Ripped Pants,” but he later became one of the incidental characters and can more commonly be seen among other incidentals in many episodes.

Major roles

"Ripped Pants"

He rushes to save SpongeBob after the latter had crashed down with a wave and washed up on the beach. He seemed to be legitimately devastated by what he thought was SpongeBob's last breaths. He was not amused to find out that he had faked the fall for his enjoyment.

"Walking Small"

He does not hear Plankton, but only hears a squeaking noise and thinks there is something in his microphone.

"Bubble Buddy"

The beach attendants push his lifeguard stand over.

"Dunces and Dragons"

His medieval variant appears as a royal messenger delivering a letter from Planktonamor to King Krabs.

"The Inmates of Summer"

He is shown in the prison, known as Inferno Island.

"Giant Squidward"

He appears as the leader of the angry mob against Giant Squidward where he seemed to do most of the talking on behalf of the angry mob. He first suggests to turn his eyeballs into giant misshapen soccer balls. He then "punishes" Giant Squidward by putting lipstick on him. He then is shown using his nose as a blimp when Squidward starts doing good deeds for the citizens of Bikini Bottom. But when Squidward forgets to say bless you to Incidental 41 after he sneezes, he then leads the angry mob to go after Giant Squidward once again.

"SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One"

He calls Sandy's helicopter a "You-Foe" after it crashes onto the beach.

"Choir Boys"

He appears in the Bikini Bottom Men's Choir.

"Sand Castles in the Sand"

He is seen as a lifeguard when Patrick, trying to catch a Frisbee thrown by SpongeBob, runs into the lifeguard stand that he was on, causing it to crash to the ground, making him angry at the duo's idiocy. He later shows up and points out furiously points out the mess of debris and destruction left by the fight as the two see they went too far.

"Karate Star"

He runs into the Krusty Krab and yells out for help after Patrick becomes a mad chopper and begs SpongeBob not to handle the situation.

"Accidents Will Happen"

He asks Mr. Krabs where Squidward is.

"Drive Thru"

He accidentally crashes into Incidental 114 and then they both argue that they just had their things repainted.

"Free Samples"

He is the first one to try a “new” Krabby Patty which causes him to happily dance.

"Home Sweet Rubble"

He questions Incidental 42 if he knows how to make a Krabby Patty.

"It Came from Goo Lagoon"

He is shown to be surfing until Patrick bounces on top of him with a goo bubble.

"The Grill is Gone"

He appears morbidly obese with a bunch of trash on top of him. Until SpongeBob vacuums over him, making him a muscular and handsome-looking fish.

A Place for Pets

He is seen running during Health Inspector Yellowtail Andy's Pets Are People Too song where he gives him a pet worm to run with.


Incidental 155 as a SpongeBob Meme Mash'em on the bottom right.

  • The unamused face he makes in “Ripped Pants,” has become a very famous and well known meme known as the "Serious Fish."


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