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Not to be confused with Policeman 2.
When's Norton's time to shine?!
— Incidental 154, "Squid Plus One"

Incidental 154[2] is a mailman who debuts in "Something Smells." His incidental type is currently unknown.



He is a light tan fish with light purple lips and a dark purple dorsal fin. He wears a light blue mailman uniform and carries a brown mailbag with the word “MAIL” on it and wears a dark blue hat. In his older appearances, his mailbag was colored blue like his hat.

Role in series

Incidental 154 happily laughing with Squidward.

Incidental 154 has made more major roles than minor ones. He is mostly portrayed as a mailman throughout the series but has also been seen among other incidentals in crowds in a few episodes as well. He makes his biggest role yet in “Squid Plus One.”

Major roles

"Something Smells"

SpongeBob says "Hi" to him, but due to his rancid breath, his skin subsequently disintegrates, and reveals 2 inside layers.

Big Pink Loser

He accidentally delivers SpongeBob's award to Patrick at the beginning of the episode.


SpongeBob gets mail from him while he is working on his boating school essay. SpongeBob tries to waste time by asking him about where he gets his mail from, before he reminds SpongeBob that he has an essay to write.

"Idiot Box"

He arrives by vehicle to deliver a TV to SpongeBob and Patrick. They then dump the TV and play in the box.

One Krabs Trash

He looks at Mr. Krabs funny after he calls SpongeBob beautiful.

"Chocolate with Nuts"

He delivers the mail to Spongebob's mailbox at the beginning of the episode.

"The Great Snail Race"

Squidward gets a package from him delivering his new snail, Snellie. He pronounces Squidward's name wrong by calling him Mr. Tennisballs.

Chimps Ahoy

He delivers SpongeBob's Goofy Goober back scratcher at the begging of the episode.

Hocus Pocus

He delivers SpongeBob's magic kit and SpongeBob himself to SpongeBob's mailbox.


He comes to deliver the Kelpo toy package SpongeBob was waiting for.

What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?

He is seen riding a bicycle until SpongeBob greets him and causes him to trip.

Boating Buddies

He is part of Incidental 106's and Weenie 2's experiment where they attempt to shrink him to the size of a grain of sand with their shrink ray. However they accidentally shrink SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mrs. Puff instead and the three of them run to a potato chip on the ground. Incidental 154 breaks himself free because potato chips are his favorite snack and almost eats the chip with the three of them on it until Weenie 2 sprays him with water and causes him to growl while SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mrs. Puff fly off the chip.

Grandpappy the Pirate

He delivers Redbeard Krabs' message to Mr. Krabs at the beginning of the episode.

Not Normal

He appears at the Krusty Krab where he becomes unsatisfied with the paper patties created by SpongeBob's computer.

Dear Vikings

He finds SpongeBob's letter to the Vikings at the Bikini Bottom Post Office and throws it into the trash due to not having a real address on it.

The Play's the Thing

He delivers the script to Squidward's play at the Krusty Krab to a false Squidward made of clear balloons.

SpongeBob LongPants

He appears as an usher and forbids SpongeBob from entering the movie because of his long pants.

"Squid Plus One"

His biggest role yet. He goes to Squidward's house to deliver the invitation to Galleria Diphteria and tells Squidward what the "plus one" means. Later, when Squidward is looking for a friend, he finds him, who says he is more of an introvert than a kidder. Squidward finds out he also likes toast points and fancy art galleries, but after he reveals that he hates clarinets, Squidward leaves and he gets upset.

Snail Mail

He delivers SpongeBob's letter from his pen pal.

Krabby Patty Creature Feature

He devours an entire patty monster which turns him into a patty fused with the one he devoured.

Pat the Horse

After SpongeBob accidentally bumps into him from riding Patrick, he stuffs SpongeBob in a mailbox and calls him a rodeo clown.

Girls' Night Out

He appears in the stimulation goggles where Mrs. Puff portrays him as a mailman delivering SpongeBob's drivers license.

One Trick Sponge

SpongeBob runs right through him with excitement after he does his magic trick for the first time.

"Under the Small Top"

He appears happily delivering SpongeBob's mail, apologizing there are no packages for him. He then mistakenly delivers the sea fleas that SpongeBob ordered to Squidward's house. Upon seeing Squidward's pink leg warmers, he reveals his own, saying they are leg warmer buddies. Squidward tells him to go back to fashion school, which he eagerly agrees to.


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