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If you were looking for the article about the Video game character, then see Evelyn (blue fish).

Evelyn[2] is a female fish citizen of Bikini Bottom who mostly appears as a background character. She is mostly seen at the Krusty Krab or Goo Lagoon. She first appears in the episode "Ripped Pants."


She is dark pink with a light orange dorsal fin and has light orange and hot pink arms and orange fins on her hands. She has light yellow eyes with black pupils, and has orange lips. She wears a red skirt, red bra, and black shoes. She appears blue in "No Nose Knows." In some episodes, she has blonde hair.


Her first appearance is in the episode "Ripped Pants." Her name is revealed in "Band Geeks," where she is a member of Squidward's band and Squidward repeats her name.

She is one of Larry's admirers in the episode "SpongeGuard on Duty." Larry introduces SpongeBob to her. At first she kicks sand in SpongeBob's face, in which Larry tells her that SpongeBob is a lifeguard and she suddenly likes him as well. She is later shown sitting on the beach talking to Nat Peterson while SpongeBob and Larry are blowing their whistles. She also watches Larry rescue Gus and cheers for him. Harold playfully splashes her in the water, which causes SpongeBob to panic. She is also known for making several cameos in season 6.

She has attended many Bikini Bottom special events, including the cook-off between SpongeBob and King Neptune, "The Fry Cook Games," "The Great Snail Race," and Squidwards' clarinet recital. She also attended such as seen in "Slimy Dancing" and "Suction Cup Symphony."

She tells Squidward that she needs a refund for a Krabby Patty in the episode "Have You Seen This Snail?"

In "Once Bitten," it is revealed that she is married to Harold. It is also revealed in "SquidBob TentaclePants" when she marries Harold, she says "I'm scared!"


  • In "Pickles," some of the scenes show her wearing a blue bra, as a possible animation error.
  • She repeatedly switched between having and not having sunglasses which are identical to the ones SpongeBob and Sandy wear to act like Jelliens in the episode "Planet of the Jellyfish."
  • She was accidentally given a belly button in at least one scene in "Nautical Novice."
  • In "Good Ol' Whatshisname," she calls Squidward "Mr. Grouchy Squidguy."
  • Her appearance is similar to Shubie.


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