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More seaweed medley, dear?
— Incidental 12, "Hall Monitor"

Incidental 12 [1] is a fish who first appears in the episode "Ripped Pants."  She is classified as a "inbetween" type incidental.


She is a light purple fish who has an orange dorsal fin, pink lips, and light blue eyes with black pupils. She wears a red bathing suit. In her older appearances, she had thin black feet.

Role in series

Incidental 12 has made many notable and speaking roles throughout the series. She can commonly be seen in crowds with other incidentals.

Major roles

"Hall Monitor"

She appears as a student in Mrs. Puff's Boating School. She later appears in a house with Incidental 13 eating seaweed medley until they get scared away by the "open window maniac," who is actually SpongeBob in disguise.

"Prehibernation Week"

She appears telling Sandy Cheeks that SpongeBob was not at the leech farm, Sandy then tells her to check again.

"The Getaway"

She appears at a high class fancy restaurant with Fred. She gets her blonde wig ripped off when SpongeBob and Stickyfins Whiting come dashing through the restaurant.

"Plankton Paranoia"

She appears at the Krusty Krab with Incidental 13 where they both get stamped by Mr. Krabs' "banned" stamp.


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