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Not to be confused with the health inspector.
Chocolate bars, eh?
— Incidental 118C, "Chocolate with Nuts"

Incidental 118C is an incidental character who first appears as the true main antagonist in the episode "Chocolate with Nuts." He is an alternate variant of Incidental 118 and his incidental type is currently unknown.


He is a lavender jellybean shaped fish with light purple fins and lips. He wears a small brown hat with an orange stripe, a brown vest over his light tan dress shirt with a brown tie, and rolled up sleeves.

Role in series

A bandaged up Incidental 118C.

Incidental 118C makes more major roles than minor ones. He is one of the incidental characters that didn’t debut in the first two seasons. He makes his most prominent appearance in his debut "Chocolate with Nuts" as the true main antagonist. He was firstly designed to be a con man that constantly scams SpongeBob and Patrick.

Major roles

"Chocolate with Nuts"

He scams SpongeBob and Patrick out of their money three times by selling them candy bar bags, candy bar bag carrying bags, and pretending he is seriously injured just to sell more chocolate bars to SpongeBob and Patrick.

"20,000 Patties Under the Sea"

SpongeBob and Patrick try to sell him and his wife Krabby Patties, but they refuse twice. SpongeBob then offers to pay them to buy Krabby Patties to which they gladly accept to. Incidental 118C then thanks them and wishes them good luck.

"The Getaway"

He appears as a Jewelry store employee who SpongeBob distracts while Sticky Fins Whiting steals from the shop.

"Sanitation Insanity"

He is shown selling boatmobiles to Carl.

"The Ballad of Filthy Muck"

He is shown as the leader of the angry mob against Filthy Muck and SpongeBob.

"The Krusty Slammer"

He is one of the customers dining at the Krusty Slammer where Mr. Krabs swipes Stickyfin's and Dorsal Dan's Krabby Patties from their mouths and feed them to him, as well as taking cash out of his wallet. He later leaves when the prisoners start a riot.

"Broken Alarm"

He is the owner of Clock World, a clock store that SpongeBob visits in order to find a replica of his alarm clock. He tells SpongeBob that his brand of alarm clock is no longer produced, though he has many other clocks SpongeBob can buy. SpongeBob, indecisive, buys all of the clocks and gives the con man a pile of money, causing the con man to run to a nearby Yachts store, buy an expensive yacht and drive away with it.

"Bubble Bass's Tab"

He watches Bubble Bass mock Mr. Krabs with Incidental 160 in his car and sounds his car horn which causes Bubble Bass to flee away.

Major roles in The Patrick Star Show

"Bummer Jobs"

SpongeBob and Patrick see him ride a taxi which gives them the idea to become taxis themselves as jobs.


  • Unlike Incidental 118 and his three other variants, he is not normally portrayed as a police officer. Ironically he is a criminal. Nonetheless both incidentals are still rude.