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Not to be confused with Dr. Manowar.
This is definitely a snail.
— Incidental 116, "I Was a Teenage Gary"

Incidental 116[1] is a doctor fish who debuts in "I Was a Teenage Gary." His incidental type is currently unknown.



Incidental 116's orange colored variant.

Incidental 116's older model pose with his left fin raised and his right fin not clenched.

He is a dark purple fish with a slightly overweight midsection and light lavender lips who wears a white buttoned coat, teal pants, thick light blue glasses, and a light blue head mirror. In his debut, he had thin arms with normal hands and fingers and he wore dark orange shoulder length latex gloves.

Role in series

Oh no no no no no no no no.

Incidental 116 makes more major roles than minor ones. He is almost always portrayed as a doctor in the series but has been given a few other occupations as well. He sometimes can be seen in crowds alongside other incidentals in a few episodes as a non-speaking character. He was firstly designed to be Gary's veterinarian.

Major roles

"I Was a Teenage Gary"

He tells SpongeBob to give Gary some snail plasma to make him feel better. SpongeBob asks him if he was gonna give Gary the plasma, but he says he's squeamish.


He has Hans give SpongeBob the "sponge treatment" to cure his suds. He then has Hans give Patrick a "special treatment" as punishment for impersonating a doctor and worsening SpongeBob's condition.

"Squid's Day Off"

He tells Mr. Krabs to get plenty of rest and come back to the Bikini Bottom Hospital if things don't seem right for him. Mr. Krabs then sees Squidward run toward the Krusty Krab naked causing Krabs' claws to fall off and he enters the hospital once again.

"I'm Your Biggest Fanatic"

After Kevin C. Cucumber asks SpongeBob if he’d like to join the Jellyspotters, SpongeBob faints and he revives SpongeBob with his medical equipment.

"Band Geeks"

He appears as a veterinarian and assumes that Squidward's clarinet playing is the sound of a dying animal.

"The Bully"

He tells Flats the Flounder that SpongeBob saved his life by doing CPR.

"No Weenies Allowed"

SpongeBob goes to his hospital after slipping on an ice cube at The Salty Spitoon and Incidental 116 tells him that he should go to Weenie Hut General.

"Mid-Life Crustacean"

He appears as the dentist of Mr. Krabs.

"Born Again Krabs"

He appears as Mr. Krabs' doctor when he eats the rotten Krabby Patty. Mr. Krabs asks him if he will be ok and Incidental 116 looks at his clipboard and becomes frightened about Mr. Krabs' condition and runs off right before the Flying Dutchman arrives.

"I Had an Accident"

He tells SpongeBob that he fixed his broken bottom with a glue stick. He also reminds him that if he shatters his bottom again he will have to go to the iron butt like Incidental 6.

"SquidBob TentaclePants"

He delivers Incidental 63 her newborn baby.

"Once Bitten"

He is the one who stops the Mad Snail Disease epidemic, by telling everyone it was a myth, and by removing the "tiny" splinter stuck on Gary's foot.

"The Two Faces of Squidward"

He appears as Squidward's doctor after he gets his face slammed by a door. After 2 weeks he tries to get Squidward’s bandages off his face but keeps getting interrupted by SpongeBob. However once he gets his bandages off, he is the first one to witness Squidward's handsome face and faints.

"Slide Whistle Stooges"

He tells SpongeBob and Patrick that Squidward is lucky to be alive because of using the slide whistle up his throat to get found under the rubble. He also says that he doesn’t have the technology to remove the whistle from his throat but says he is able to communicate with it.

"The Cent of Money"

He appears as Mr. Krabs' doctor after he gets injured from a wave of coins. He also finds SpongeBob's fridge magnet inside Gary and claims it was the reason Gary has been attracting change. He then uses all of the coins Mr. Krabs has collected with Gary to pay for his hospital bill.

"Shellback Shenanigans"

Incidental 22 tells SpongeBob that Incidental 116 is saying that Plankton disguised as Gary is still in the intensive care unit and they need to run a few more test. But Incidental 116 corrects her by saying that he wasn’t saying that at all. He later has Incidental 49 tell SpongeBob that there is nothing he can do for his "snail" and that he should let nature take its course.

"Demolition Doofus"

He appears as Mrs. Puff's doctor after SpongeBob accidentally gets her deflated during his driving test. He later introduces SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff to the Demolition Derby.

"Hello Bikini Bottom!"

He appears as a retirement home worker at Shady Lanes Assisted Living Facility pushing Incidental 84 in her wheelchair.

"Squid Baby"

SpongeBob and Patrick take Squidward to him after they accidentally damage his head. Incidental 116 says that he has a case of Head-Go-Boom-Boom-Itis and must require proper 24/7 care, mainly of his head, or he may remain as so permanently.

"Pull Up a Barrel"

He is part of the pirate queen's crew.

"Pineapple Invasion"

SpongeBob takes Gary to him where they find Plankton inside his shell with an old shopping list.

"My Leg!"

He dances to Fred's "My Leg Is In Love!" song near the end of the episode.

"Patrick's Tantrum"

He is seen performing a surgery on Incidental 41 with two nurses until they hear the Krusty Krab big bell and head toward the Krusty Krab.

Major roles in movies

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

He appears at the Krusty Krab with Incidental 42 on his deathbed from eating too many Krabby Patties and tells his wife, Incidental 45 that he will be dead in a week.

Major roles in books

Behold, No Cavities!

He appears as SpongeBob's and Patrick’s dentist.



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