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Not to be confused with Dr. Manowar.
This is definitely a snail.
— Incidental 116, "I Was a Teenage Gary"

Incidental 116[1] is a doctor fish who makes several appearances throughout the series, starting in the episode "I Was a Teenage Gary."



He is a large dark purple fish who wears a white buttoned coat, light blue glasses, and a light blue head mirror.

Role in series

Incidenal 116 has many appearances throughout the series, with many of his appearances as a doctor. However, he has had some minor/cameo roles as well.

Major roles

"I Was a Teenage Gary"

He tells SpongeBob to give Gary some Snail plasma to make him feel better. SpongeBob asks him if he was gonna give Gary the plasma, but he says he's squeamish.


He has Hans give SpongeBob the "sponge treatment" to cure his suds. He then has Hans give Patrick a "special treatment" as punishment for impersonating a doctor and worsening SpongeBob's condition.

"Squid's Day Off"

He tells Mr. Krabs to get plenty of rest and come back to the Bikini Bottom Hospital if things don't seem right for him. Mr. Krabs then sees Squidward run toward the Krusty Krab naked causing Krabs' claws to fall off and he enters the hospital once again.

"I Had an Accident"

He tells SpongeBob that he fixed his broken bottom with a glue stick. He also reminds him that if he shatters his bottom again he will have to go to the iron butt like Incidental 6.

"Once Bitten"

He is the one who stops the Mad Snail Disease epidemic, by telling everyone it was a myth, and by removing the "tiny" splinter stuck on Gary's foot.

"Patrick's Tantrum"

He is one of the doctors performing surgery, until he and the other doctors get hypnotized by the bell.



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