Hey man, I haven't done nothing!
— Incidental 108, Ditchin'

Incidental 108[1] is a background fish who appears in several episodes as an extra in the Krusty Krab and various other locations. His ex-girlfriend is Incidental 48 and they are seen together in numerous episodes such as "Krusty Dogs" and "Trident Trouble."



He is a faded brown fish with a light-brown mouth and black eyes. He wears a red tank-top.

Role in series

"Valentines Day"

He appears among the crowd of fish telling Patrick to turn around.

"Le Big Switch"

Squidward takes his Krabby Patty and insults him, which makes him cry.


He gets arrested for eating Quasi-Gummy Chewy Candy Fish because it is "of his own kind." It is then revealed by Incidental 37A that he used to be a good student in boating school until he started cutting class, which lead him into criminal notoriety. This scares SpongeBob since he is doing exactly the same thing.


  • In the episode "Porous Pockets," it is revealed he is allergic to dairy.


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