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Order #20 ready for pickup.
— Incidental 105, "Gullible Pants"

Incidental 105[1], also known as Fish E[2] is a brown fish who is a citizen of Bikini Bottom. He first appears in the episode "Valentine's Day."


He is a light brown colored fish with a light tan-striped dorsal fin. He has orangish-brown lips and wears a red shirt. In "Chum Bucket Supreme" when he is approaching the register at the Chum Bucket, his shirt is red. At the next shot, the shirt is blue, and in "Free Samples," when he says "Did he say it was good?" his shirt is pink.


Role in series

"Good Neighbors"

He is married to Incidental 104 and is driving his car when he goes out of it because they think Squidward is sick because of his red spots, which are actually red paint sprayed on his face.

"Gullible Pants"

SpongeBob hires this fish as to follow one of the Krusty Krab's 'secrets' as told by Squidward. He is hired as the grill cook and is seen in this position even in the end of the episode.

"Escape from Beneath Glove World"

He appears as an actor in the "Gloves Song" film where he sneezes on Incidental 8's hand but then shows that the gloves she is wearing are avoiding her from getting sick from him.


  • Throughout the series, Incidental 105 is constantly ripped off or scammed out of money.
    • In "Bucket Sweet Bucket," he complained about the new price of twenty-five dollars for a Krabby Patty but decided to buy four anyway when he liked the new decor.
    • In "The Clash of Triton," Bikini Bottomites were going to watch King Neptune eat for five dollars, but Mr. Krabs didn't want to give change for a twenty.
    • During the episode, "Yours, Mine and Mine," he was going to buy the new kids meal for just two dollars only to get Mr. Krabs to double it.
    • In "Kracked Krabs," there was a video showing Incidental 105 being ripped off by getting charged three times for a bag of chips with triple flavor.
    • In "Once Bitten," despite that he was bitten, he somehow managed to survive the infection therefore he never became a zombie. He was able to stand upright as well. He is seen in the mob of survivors that are using the Krusty Krab as a safe zone.
    • In "Gullible Pants," he walked into the Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob went up to him, stating that he knew his secret. Not wanting his secret to be revealed, as his words to SpongeBob were "What! Who told you?!" he follows SpongeBob to the kitchen and begins to grill the patties.
      • This episode also reveals that Incidental 105 has a big secret.
    • In "Krusty Dogs," Incidental 105 pays twice the price of a Krabby Patty for some Krusty Dogs then the regular price for a Krabby Patty.


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