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You're not Krabby the Clown.
— Incidental 103, "Krabby Land"

Incidental 103,[1] also known as Incidental FG7, is a background character who debuts in “Valentine's Day.” His incidental type is currently unknown.



He is a light orange fish with darker orange lips and black eyes. He wears lime green pants and a black belt with a golden belt buckle.

Incidental FG7

He wears a dark blue suit over a white dress shirt with a green necktie along with darker blue pants.

Role in series

“I’m just doing the cramp.”

Incidental 103 is a pretty commonly used incidental character in the series and has many notable/speaking roles as well as non-speaking ones.

Major Roles

“Valentine’s Day”

He was part of the crowd of fish who were cornered at the Valentine's Day Carnival pier by Patrick's tantrum.

"Walking Small"

He cuts in front of SpongeBob at Incidental 39's ice cream stand and asks for two ice cream cones.

Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm

He and Incidental 150 both give a thumbs up when their mother, Incidental 7, says the Alaskan Bull Worm ate their homework.

Mid-Life Crustacean

He appears at the Krusty Krab as the son of Incidental 48 where he tells her that his Krabby Patty tastes funny. She tells him it’s all old and dried out and has him put it in the garbage. Mr. Krabs then takes the Patty away from him until he was able to toss it into the trash.

Born Again Krabs

Mr. Krabs gives him a free toy to go along with his Krabby Patty.

Krabby Land

He often appeared as the commanding leader of the children who came to Krabby Land.

The Sponge Who Could Fly

He and Incidental 115 mock SpongeBob for wanting to fly and they later believe that SpongeBob wasn’t so crazy after all when they actually see him fly.

SquidBob TentaclePants

It is shown to be his birthday at his school and his teacher, Incidental 115, gives him a gift which was the first place the fused together SpongeBob and Squidward ended up at.

"Mrs. Puff, You're Fired"

When Sergeant Roderick asks the class if they want a bon-bon, Incidental 103 steps o the front of the class and eats one. He is then thrown out of the classroom by Sergeant Roderick for violating his "No eating in my class" rule.

Squidtastic Voyage

Incidental 47 covers his ears so he can avoid the disturbing sounds of SpongeBob taking Squidward's clarinet out of his throat.

"Hocus Pocus"

He complains about his pistachio ice cream to his father, Incidental 6, much to his annoyance. His ice cream then falls of his hand and lands on Squidward's lawn chair, making him cry more.

Roller Cowards

He and Incidental 152 talk about the Fiery Fist O' Pain on a bus together.

"Slimy Dancing"

He is seen doing the cramp in the epilogue which causes his mother to worry and call the emergency hotline due to thinking he is seriously injured. But then he tells his mother that he was only doing a dance move called "The Cramp."

Pest of the West

He appears as a farmer with Incidental 107 at Dead Eye Gulch.

The Curse of the Hex

He gets sucked into a tornado with his family.

The Inside Job

Incidental 107 appears as his father and takes him to the gross places of Bikini Bottom including the Chum Bucket.

Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

He worships Squilliam Fancyson's statue with Incidental 115.

A Pal for Gary

His father, Fred, buys him a pet nudibranch.

Drive Thru

Incidental 42 takes him and Incidental 102 to the Krusty Krab.

Free Samples

He tries a sample of Chum with Incidental 102 and they both get food poisoning.

Face Freeze!

He appears in Mr. Krabs' story with Incidental 49 where he cries after Fred sticks his younger out at them.

Glove World R.I.P.

Patrick steals his ice cream while dressed as the Glove World! mascot.

Little Yellow Book

His mother, Incidental 49, tells him to stay away from Squidward due to him being a diary reader.

Don't Look Now

He is taken by The Fisherman's hook in Fisherman 4: Attack of the Hook.

Kenny the Cat

He is seen holding his breath so he can be just like Kenny the Cat.

"High Sea Diving"

He appears in SpongeBob's dream where he looks at the giant SpongeBob statue in amazement. But then run away when the statue speaks to him. He is later seen as a farmer where he uses a giant comb to rake his entire field.

"Pineapple RV"

He pours water on Squidward which turns him into a tulip after the other Bikini Bottomites beat him up and bury him under the ground.

"Dirty Bubble Returns"

After the Dirty Bubble absorbs all the dirt from his house, he and his family cheer but then sigh of disappointment when the Dirty Bubble destroys their house right after.

Escape from Beneath Glove World

He becomes freaked out by SpongeBob and Patrick's faces from riding the baseball ride too many times.


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