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Not to be confused with Incidental 48KID.
Mommy, what is that thing?
— Incidental 102 referring to "Smelly", "The Thing"

Incidental 102, also known as Incidental 102BABY,[1] is a child fish who debuts in "Valentine's Day." Her incidental type is currently unknown.


She is light blue with faded blue lips and wears a light purple dress with matching leg bands.

Incidental 102BABY

She is a light blue baby that wears a purple bonnet and sucks on a green pacifier. She sits in a bamboo stroller with a red seat and four black wheels with white centers, and she is covered in a pink blanket. In her older appearances, the seat of her stroller was purple, the centers of its wheels were colored black, and her blanket was a lighter shade of pink.

Role in series

The Tattletale Strangler accusing Incidental 102BABY as the Strangler.

Incidental 102 has had few notable appearances in the series and is most commonly seen as a silent incidental character. She also has a "BABY" variant and can often be seen as a baby in a few episodes. She was firstly designed to be a patron at the Valentine's Day Carnival.

Major Roles

"Valentine's Day"

She is one of the fish in the crowd who was cornered at the Valentine's Day Carnival pier by Patrick during his tantrum.

"Squid on Strike"

She is one of the teenagers hired by Mr. Krabs to replace SpongeBob and Squidward.

"No Weenies Allowed"

She, Incidental 6 and Incidental 7 are seen having a picnic during the scene where SpongeBob accidentally ruins their potato salad.

"Mid-Life Crustacean"

She is seen playing with a ball with Incidental 151 and Incidental 18. They all then leave when Mr. Krabs offers to join them in their game of ball due to him being too old. She was also one of the kids at Bunny Buns chanting "Can you feel it Mr. Krabs?"

"Krabby Land"

She is one of the children that SpongeBob entertains as the Krabby Patty Burglar.

"SpongeBob Meets the Strangler"

She is first seen on Incidental 154's bus when the Tattletale Strangler attempts to strangle SpongeBob. The Strangler later suspects Incidental 102BBABY to be the Strangler in disguise.

"Whale of a Birthday"

She appears as one of the kids forced to share a balloon at one of Pearl's past parties.

"The Thing"

She appears at the Bikini Bottom Zoo with Incidental 49 as her mother looking at Smelly's exhibit. She asks Incidental 49 what Smelly is and she tells her that she doesn't know but its hideous.

"Best Frenemies"

She is seen at Kelpshake being disturbed by Mr. Krabs' fake sneezing.

"Fungus Among Us"

Squidward delivers her's and Incidental 103's food covered in Ick.

"New Digs"

She accidentally spills a cup of soda on the floor which causes SpongeBob to mop it up. He then mops her head as well.

"Krabs à la Mode"

She is one of the kids riding the Clamboni with Mr. Krabs.

"Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob"

She appears as one of the kids that toss Squidward out the Krusty Krab window.

"Truth or Square"

SpongeBob steps on her head so he can get through the long line at the Krusty Krab.

"Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy"

Incidental 102BABY appears as the mother of Incidental 48 where she prevents her baby from seeing a naked Sandy while Incidental 102 appears as the child of Incidental 49 with Incidental 103 as her brother. Incidental 49 tells the two of them to get into the car so they can avoid seeing a naked Sandy.

"Greasy Buffoons"

She is seen enjoying a grease sandwich at the front of the Chum Bucket.

"The Curse of the Hex"

She gets taken by a tornado from the storm with her family.

"The Masterpiece"

She is one of the kids playing on Mr. Krabs posing as a statue at the end of the episode.

"Drive Thru"

Incidental 42 takes her and Incidental 103 to the Krusty Krab.

"Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation"

She attends the tour at the Bikini Bottom Mint that SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs were attending.

"The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom"

Squidward is seen taking her's and her family's order at the end of the episode.

"Free Samples"

She and Incidental 103 try a sample of chum together and get food poisoning.

"Hello Bikini Bottom!"

She runs in front of SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs when they first arrive at the children's party.

"Evil Spatula"

Squidward puts a Krabby Patty on her plate.

"Kenny the Cat"

She is seen as one of Incidental 65's friends that was holding their breath due to being inspired by Kenny the Cat.

"There Will Be Grease"

Three Incidental 102BABYs appear as the children of Incidental 7 in a boatmobile where they appear crying when Incidental 7 gets into a car accident. Plankton then feeds the three babies each a bottle of grease and they all stop crying.

"Food PBFFT! Truck"

She is seen in the Krusty Krab line where Mr. Krabs swipes her money from her hand.

"Say Awww!"

Two Incidental 102s appear on the roller coaster at Glove World! that gets eaten by Q.T.-π and only one Incidental 102 later appears on the roller coaster again when everyone escapes from Q.T.-π.

Major roles in The Patrick Star Show

"The Yard Sale"

She is part of the audience during Ancient Rome times in a few scenes and is later seen as an elder along with the other audience members surrounded by her.

"Patrick's Alley"

Incidental 102BABY appears as one of the babies that Patrick and Squidina were assigned to babysit throughout the episode.


  • In "Truth or Square," she can briefly be heard with a male voice when SpongeBob steps on her head while getting through the Krusty Krab line.