Mommy, what is that thing?
— Incidental 102 referring to "Smelly", "The Thing"

Incidental 102, also Incidental 102BABY,[1] is a blue fish who makes several cameo appearances throughout the series. She first appears in the episode "Valentine's Day."


She is light blue with faded blue lips and wears a light purple dress with matching leg bands.

Role in series

"Valentine's Day"

She is seen part of the carnival crowd cornered at the end of the pier by Patrick's big tantrum.

"Mid-Life Crustacean"

She is seen playing with a ball with Incidental 151 and Incidental 18. They all then leave when Mr. Krabs offers to join them in their game of ball due to him being too old.

"SpongeBob Meets the Strangler"

She appears as Incidental 102BABY where the Tattletale Strangler, disguised as SpongeBob's bodyguard, suspects her as the strangler.

"The Thing"

She appears at the Bikini Bottom Zoo with Incidental 49 as her mother looking at Smelly's exhibit. She asks Incidental 49 what Smelly is and she tells her that she doesn't know but its hideous.

"Kenny the Cat"

She is one of the fish who tries to hold their breath underwater like Kenny himself.

"Squid's on a Bus"

She appears as Incidental 102BABY in Bikini Bottom.


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