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Get on with the squirrel jokes!
— Incidental 10, "Squirrel Jokes"

Incidental 10[3] is a fish who made his first appearance in the episode "Ripped Pants" while his production order debut was in "Squeaky Boots." He is classified as a "inbetween" type incidental.


He is a mustard-yellow fish with dark orange fins, dark orange lips, and dark orange legs. He wears a black-gray shirt and also has thin black feet.

Role in series

Incidental 10 under a rock.

Incidental 10 has made a very few notable and speaking roles throughout the series. He mainly appears deep in crowd with other incidentals or as a customer at the Krusty Krab.

Major roles

"Patty Hype"

He tells Mr. Krabs that everyone wants a refund for their pretty patties.

"Squirrel Jokes"

He appears at the Komedy Krab demanding SpongeBob to tell more squirrel jokes.

"Pull Up a Barrel"

He appears as a sailor in Mr. Krabs' navy crew.

"SpongeBob's Place"

He comes to SpongeBob's house with Incidental 87, Incidental 37A, and the unnamed octopus, asking SpongeBob for Krabby Patties.


  • He is heard with a feminine voice in "Patty Hype."


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