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Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

"If I Could Talk to Money" is a song sung by Mr. Krabs in the episode "Money Talks," after he explains his wish about wanting to be able to talk to money.


Mr. Krabs: If I could talk to money,
How great my life would be!
We'd tell each other secrets,
All their friends would visit me.
We'd bathe in filthy riches
Which is clean enough for me.
Oh, if you could tell me what you want
How happy we would be!
We'd surely be the best of friends,
We'd never disagree.
There couldn't be a downside,
Not one that I could see.
If I could talk to money,
Come along, sing with me!
Squidward: Uh, no thanks, I gotta go!
SpongeBob: I really have to pee.
Mr. Krabs: If I could talk to money,
And it could talk to me...
We'd always be the best of friends
For all eternity!