Ideal Plankton is a computerized version of Plankton who appears in the episode "Karen's Virus." He is the heroic counterpart of Plankton.


He resembles Plankton, but is taller and more muscular. His shade of green is also lighter. 

Role in episode

He first rescues SpongeBob from lasers when he accidentally steps on the security button. The two team up to stop the virus and save Karen. They then come across Money Krabs, Gnarly Squid, and Off Model SpongeBob. Ideal Plankton easily defeats the three of them. He uses his antenna as a hook and ties it to a cable wire so SpongeBob can swing across the gap, however, Ideal Plankton falls into the gap making it up to SpongeBob to save Karen.

At the end when SpongeBob gets the virus out of Karen, she sees real-life Plankton and Ideal Plankton and says she is still happily delirious.

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