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The ice cream lady is an unnamed character and a minor antagonist who appears in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and its various adaptations.


The ice cream lady is the frogfish's sentient, anthropomorphic tongue. When she is first seen, she appears to be an elderly, lavender-colored woman with light gray hair and red cheeks. She wears light blue eyeglasses and a pink shirt with a white collar. It is later revealed that she has no eyes and is connected to the frogfish's mouth.

Role in movie

She is the lure of a ravenous, carnivorous frogfish. The frogfish uses her to get unsuspecting visitors to enter his mouth, which is hidden under sand and an ice cream stand.

In the movie, SpongeBob stops the Patty Wagon at the ice cream lady's stand to get a snack for himself and Patrick. They do not realize that her stand is surrounded by piles of fish skeletons. SpongeBob orders a bowl of chocolate ice cream from her, but when he holds it, it becomes stuck to his hands.

It is revealed that the ice cream lady is actually the frogfish's tongue and that her ice cream is another growth from inside the frogfish. SpongeBob breaks free by biting her arm off, and Patrick saves him with the Patty Wagon. As they drive forward to escape the frogfish, the ice cream lady tries to tempt them with more ice cream and promises to let them pet Mr. Whiskers, a meowing, cat-shaped growth.