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Ice Cream is an ice cream shop that SpongeBob and Patrick often visit. It first appears in the episode "Hall Monitor."



The shop is known to serve different flavors of ice cream. SpongeBob usually gets vanilla, while Patrick usually gets chocolate.


The exterior consists of pink metal walls, with two circle windows out front. There is a doorway with a red and white vertical striped pattern with a matching tent awning. There is also a yellow sign above with red text reading "ICE CREAM" in red with an ice cream cone between the two words.


Inside of the ice cream shop, there are blue walls with paintings of ice cream on the wall. There are also a few tables with white tablecloth over them and red chairs distinctly shaped like hearts. The counter is pink with a glass case over it displaying the ice cream flavors, and there is a cash register on the edge. Above the counter there is a menu. A large mirror can be shown towards the left.

Role in series

"Hall Monitor"

SpongeBob and Patrick go there twice after SpongeBob asks what he would do to capture the Maniac.

Nicktoons Racing

It appears in the Bikini Bottom Blowout.

The Yellow Avenger

It appears in the Restaurant District.

Plankton's Krusty Bottom Weekly!

It is one of the locations the player can visit to take pictures.

"Sun Bleached"

After SpongeBob gets sun bleached, Patrick takes SpongeBob to Ice Cream to cheer him up. While they are there, Patrick gets the idea to cover SpongeBob in caramel to make him look tan. He does so.

SpongeBob Moves In!

It appears as the location in which the player requests desserts to feed to the hungry citizens.