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"I Hate People" is a song sung by Squidward in the episode "SpongeBob's Place." He sings it when he believes that his plan of running the Krusty Krab out of business was a success. He continues singing until Mr. Krabs comes in and punishes Squidward. Squidward plays an instrumental version of the song on his clarinet in the episode "Scavenger Pants," and it plays while Sandy eats hot dogs in "Squirrel Jelly."


First version

Squidward: I hate people!
People hate me!
I prefer my own best company!
Single and secluded on my own!
I can have the best of times all alone!
Because I hate people!

Second version

Squidward: I hate people!
I'm still that way!
La, la, la, la, la, la, hey, hey, hey!
I hate SpongeBob!
I hate Krabs!
I wish they would leave the ocean in taxi cabs!
And all the customers can kiss my abs!
'Cause I'm the one and only—


  • This is the last song in season 10.



SpongeBob Music I Hate People (Instrumental)