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"I Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You" (also known as "Oh Baby") is a song SpongeBob sings to Patty in the episode "To Love a Patty."


SpongeBob: Oh baby,
They may call me a fool,
But I can't help our gravitational pull.
When I stuff you with cotton candy,
It reminds me you're so sweet.
When we go riding, it's dandy,
The way you hang onto the seat,
When I'm with you,
Our love is stronger than glue.
Whoo! Oh baby!
There isn't anything
There's nothing in the world I wouldn't do for you...
Hey! Let go of her you patty eaters!
No! Get away! [karate-chops scallops]
Patty? You okay sweetoms?
I'm so sorry!
I'll never let you out of my sight again,
And I'll always keep you out of harm's way!
Oh baby, I love you so strong.
That's why I'm singing this song.
Your looks are sweeter than honey
From your pickles to your buns,
It ain't even funny—! [both go over a waterfall.]
I'm coming for you!
Oh no! Look at you!
Don't worry, patty. I'll take care of this!
There you go!
All better. Oh baby.