Howlin Marlin is a bar that is seen in the episode "Sharks vs. Pods."



The exterior of Howlin Marlin is shown as a very small building with a wooden roof and metal walls. The sign that says "Howlin Marlin" is on an image of a marlin itself.


The interior of Howlin Marlin is shown to have wooden flooring. Other objects seen inside include tables, a dart board, and a picture frame with an image of a motorcycle on it.


SpongeBob went to the Howlin Marlin with The Sharks and attempts to go inside. However, the bouncer there did not allow them inside saying it is now a "Shark-free zone." Later, it is revealed that The Sharks indeed used to go to the Howlin Marlin many times, but they were kicked out due to one of the members, Jonnie, messing up during a dance move and ending up falling down and scratching the floor with his teeth.
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