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Howard Blandy is a rich fish who first appears in the episode "Selling Out."


Blandy is a light green fish with short lime-green hair, a lime-green dorsal fin, and peach-colored lips. As being president of the Blandy Franchising Company, he wears a formal black suit with a light pink shirt underneath, and a dark purple tie. There are four black circles on his suit.

Role in series

"Selling Out"

Howard Blandy and his business partners are very wealthy business-fish who buy the Krusty Krab and replace it with Krabby O'Monday's.

At the end of the episode, after the Krabby Patties that were being sold from Krabby O'Monday's are discovered to be synthetic and Mr. Krabs finds out his employees were being threatened, Blandy sells Krabby O'Monday's back to Krabs.

"The Abrasive Side"

He stands next to the bus stop at the beginning of the episode.

"Goodbye, Krabby Patty?"

Blandy made a cameo when he is seen as one of the guests in Patrick's hotel.

"Don't Feed the Clowns"

He appears as one of the several businessmen working for the CEO.

"The Nitwitting"

Blandy makes a cameo as a member of the Empty Head Society. He enters the society by removing his brain, and then starts chewing his phone.

"The Ghost of Plankton"

Blandy is one of the people attending Plankton's funeral, and is shocked when Plankton becomes alive. Everyone believes that Plankton faked his death as a joke and start squishing him in anger.


  • He is very old, considering Mr. Krabs stated he idolized him as a child and he is quite old himself.


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