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If you were looking for the article about the business fish, then see Howard Blandy.
Not to be confused with Weenie 2.

Howard is a fish who appears in the episode "New Fish in Town" as the new neighbor of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward.


Howard is a violet fish with a sky blue dorsal fin, three dark purple spots on the top of his head, and a small mouth. He wears a green polo shirt and glasses with golden frames. He is mostly seen with his bassoon.


Howard is very much like Squidward. He is very intolerant and is interested in music and art. Later on in the episode, Howard stops being "stuffy" and decides to loosen up when he befriends SpongeBob and Patrick.

Role in episode

When he moves into Patrick's front yard, he does not seem to like Squidward very much, but they soon become fast friends. Squidward makes desperate attempts to keep Howard from noticing SpongeBob and Patrick for fear that it might damage their friendship. When Howard meets the duo, he takes a shine to them and starts playing with them happily.

This annoys Squidward so much that he ends up sending Howard's trailer home tumbling down a cliff, prompting Howard to jump down the cliff and go after his home.